1 Shot, Five Arrested in Milton Florida Shooting

By admin | August 23, 2019

Shooting in milton florida.

Police have apprehended persons of interest after a shooting incident in Milston Florida subdivision. However one person with injuries was transported to a hospital for  emergency treatment.

shooting in milton florida

The incident led to the closure of four differents schools in the Milton area , according to Superintendent Tim Wryosdick.

Two schools, Hobbs Middle School and Milton High School was placed on secure mode, according to Milton’s Chief of Police Tony Tindell.

Wrysodick says Rhodes Elementary, Milton High School, King Middle School, and Hobbs Middle School were are all placed on lockdown as a result.

According to statements from school officials, the shooting incident did not happen on any school campus in the Milton area.

Officera found a juvenile with a gunshot wound when they arrive at a home in the the Whiting Pines subdivision, according to a statement released by Chief Tindell

The police confirmed that the a group of six joneviles where playing with a gun when one of them got shot, five of them was taking into custody while the one injured was transport to the hospital for treatment.

Source: https://weartv.com/news/local/breaking-4-schools-on-lockdown-after-shooting-in-milton

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