11 Year Old Boy Kill All Men – 11 Year Old Boy Attempted Suicide Over Tiktok Kam .

By John Okoro | September 12, 2020

11 Year Old Boy Kill All Men – 11 Year Old Boy Attempted Suicide Over Tiktok Kam .

Editors Note : This is Unconfirmed Reports 

The is a developing story today September 9, 2020 that an 11 year old boy  tried committing suicide because the “KAM” or kill all men trend that females started doing on Twitter made its way to tiktok and the kid seen the video of the girl saying kill all men and thought it was actually real and that he would die.

What is KAM ?

Kill All Men (KAM) is a hyperbole used by Women towards men who are misogynistic and sexist. It is joke and not to be taken seriously. Kill All Men is not directed actually towards all men, just those who are misogynistic and sexist. If someone is offended by it, that means it probably is directed towards them. That’s according to urbandictionary.com.

Online Reactions

The incident have generated a lots of conversation about KAM on social media.


@AwokeFN_ wrote
bro y’all girls that say KAM are disgraceful, if y’all remeber there was that one little kid that was singing hope by x it became big on tiktok and everyone was using the sound but back to the “KAM” it you don’t know what it means it means kill all men. th at kid was 11 years old.

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