Singer Keith Martin Dead – Death – Obituary – Dead – Passed Away – What Happened.

By | March 28, 2022

Singer Keith Martin Dead – Death – Obituary – Dead – Passed Away – What Happened.

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R&B singer Keith Martin was found dead in The Philippines at the age of 55.

Martin, an American artist best known for his ballad “Because of You,” was discovered lifeless in his Quezon City condominium Friday, according to The Philippine Star.

Building workers found Martin’s body after being alerted by his neighbors of a foul smell emanating from the home, the report said. Officials estimated he could have been dead for a week, according to the Star. NY Post reported.


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Avery Gifted
Preach. I get he probably should have done something a little different but still I respect him for standing up for his wife that really shows how much love he has for. Even if it was a joke or not for Chris Rock that was really Out of line

Michelle Halliburton
I understand about defending your wife, but he could have done it differently. He didn’t have to go about it that way.

Helen Clement
I am for Will Smith. My husband told me about it this morning. Chris Rock’s behavior is unacceptable, and we must draw the line. He went too far.

Eunice Gantt
Chris rock should apologize. He did the same thing to Jada pinkett Smith in 2016 @ the Oscars show

Michael Parker
They way will hit him to me he probably was warned by will earlier and he did it anyway. Thought he could get away with it figured no way will do something on stage if will wait after that Rock would’ve surrounded by bodyguards

Sid Frye
She was not in harms way … People at the award shows are roasted all the time harm intended at all but if your in your feelings about it there are responsible ways to handle conflict … putting your hands on a person in a forum like that was inappropriate… if his wife was threatened or in danger …thats different but this is a show OMG … this was not a way for resolution… anywhere school at work the mall or men playing basketball  at the park …He was definitely out of order.

Monica Griffin
It’s not the first time Chris rock disrespected jada publicy at the Oscars and he didn’t just talk about her hair lost he even made jokes about her vagina . And regardless her hair and vagina that was disrespectful and that is not funny (not a joke )and he owe her an apology in front of the World just like how he publicly humiliated her in front of the world . Will Smith needed to slap Chris rock.

Karen Moore Gray
It’s a bad look for a black man who won the Oscar for best Actor. He shows a lack of self control.

Again I would’ve stopped my man fr doing that listen it’s always away to deal w disrespect after the show….I wouldn’t want my husband to put his hands on no one ….he is suppose to protect his wife….at any means necessary….there is a time a place for everything

Chris Rock should have been corrected. But violence not the key.What if Chris Rock responded back. Will would maybe have lost the Oscar. This was the first this has happen in history.

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