Detective James Skernivitz Death Cleveland Police Officer Shot and Killed On West Side

By | September 27, 2020

Detective James Skernivitz Death Cleveland Police Officer Shot and Killed On West Side.

Police have arrested three people in connection with the shooting death of 25-year Cleveland Police veteran Detective James Skernivitz, a source familiar with the investigation told News 5, according to a statement posted online on September. 4, 2020.

Detective James Skernivitz was murdered in the line of duty while working on an undercover drug deal on Thursday night, according to police.

The attack occurred in the area of Storer Avenue and West 65th Street at approximately 10 p.m. on Sept. 3, WKYC reported.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Trish Cain Deffenbach wrote 
I am so very sorry for your loss – praying for God’s comfort, strength, and peace upon the family, both blood and blue, and friends of Detective James Skernivitz as well as the quick apprehension of the other 2 suspects without further injury to law enforcement or civilians

Janet Dunkle wrote 
My deepest sympathy for both his families birth as well as brothers and sisters in Blue! This targeting of police and first responders has no basis for happening except to disrupt and cause hate, bless you all for your service and may you be always safe.

Debby Calabretta wrote
This is truly tragic. I am so sorty.
Holding his loved ones in prayer. Praying the peeps hearts will be so convicted that they can’t stand it and repent.

Evelyn Chamblee wrote
Yes, his life mattered, it mattered to his wife, children, his parents and other family members and friends. This fine, brave man died in the line of duty. Our heartfelt prayers for him and May he Rest In Peace. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Joan Ellege wrote 
My sincere condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Det. Skernivitz and to the Cleveland Police Department for the loss of one of their own. Rest in peace, Det. Skernivitz and may justice be swiftly served. Your life certainly did matter.

Karen Foster wrote 
Rest in Peace Officer. Your life mattered and we thank you for your service. It’s not safe for LEO’s anywhere. This was an execution and I hope justice is swift and #!$&&€. Sending prayers and hugs to his family and bothers and sisters in Blue!

Rhonda Johnston Honaker wrote 
Your life did matter. No words can replace the pain his family is going through. He was a true hero. Thank you for your service. RIP.

Rhonda Lynn wrote 
God, take James Skernivitz into your Kingdom. Prayers for his family. Prayers for the Cleveland Police! Thank you for keeping us safe!

Julie Szymanski wrote 
I’m so saddened and sickened by this. Skerny was a dear childhood friend from Slavic Village. I can’t wrap my mind around this. REST IN HEAVEN. My condolences to his family and to the Police Department.

Ruth Baca wrote 
This is unacceptable. This police officer’s life maytered just as much as anyone else’s life. Condolences to his family!

Denise M Beattie wrote 
I am so angered at this! Who can stop this! Remember to vote for those who will support our fine officers and FUND the police. RIP brave heroes. Nothing can repay your sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up to protect us.

Helen Smith wrote 
Lord we ask that you place your hand of protection on our law enforcement officers and their families God. These are men and women we call when we need help. We ask you, Lord, to help those who try to serve

Jill Ingle wrote 
Words can’t express how sorry we are for the loss! Some still respect the police

Debbie King wrote 
Prayers for his family and colleagues. May Jesus carry them all in HIS arms. Prayers for justice and protection for all our law enforcement.

Wanda Perry wrote 
So awful and sad. Your life mattered very much Det. Skernivitz. RIP. Prayers for family and friends and your Dept. Thank you sir for your service.

Nancy Stevens Gulliksen wrote 
Detective Skernivitz, your life definitely mattered…and also, the ‘unnamed’ informant…he obviously was on a mission to help the police. Prayers for both families.

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