2020 Obituaries : Ryan Bowers Death -Dead : Nick Cannon Friend and San Diego Rapper Died from Suicide.

By | July 19, 2020

2020 Obituaries : Ryan Bowers Death -Dead : Nick Cannon Friend and San Diego Rapper Died from Suicide.

We regret to report that  Ryan Bowers  has passed away, according to the following  reports posted on social media and other platforms today July 19, 2010.

RIP RYAN BOWERS! You were a great person, very kind & funny asf, we had a genius conversation about breaking into the rap game after seeing u open for Tech N9ne, glad I got to kick it & burn 1 down with u, PRAYERS TO YOUR FAMILY, you were a great friend homie! I’m heartbroken 😭 pic.twitter.com/yvIuyUdvHT

— Adam / Blunt Trauma Records 🦦🦦🦦 (@BluntsInTheAir) July 19, 2020

This is so sad. I started listening to his music after he dated Lia Marie Johnson. Admittedly, I judged him harshly. After a bit, I read more about him and realized that just like her, he struggled with his own issues. RIP Ryan. He was so talented. https://t.co/uHsksAENgk

— Saleen Martin (@Saleen_Martin) July 19, 2020

This is a painful loss for San Diego & @ncrediblegang . Ryan Bowers a rapper, artist and musician who had so much talent and was certainly on his way up the ladder in the music industry took his life last night.#ryanbowers pic.twitter.com/osKkluweaL

— Shane Harris (@shaneharrisnow) July 19, 2020

Cause of Death.

We have not cause of the information for the deceased right now, this story will be updated once we have that information.


The following are some tributes and reactions from social media users.

scVempire wrote .
Im seeing ryan bowers trending and WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT HE DIED mate fuck you ryan bowers it was deserved Cee @Cee_OhWhattt · 15h I don’t understand how he sl*t his throat and was still seen as a threat. A big enough threat to be shot by the police. He needed help. He deserved more. RIP Ryan Bowers
Rest In Peace Ryan Bowers. Daygo Will Continue Goin Up For You. 2020 Is TERRIBLE MAN. https://t.co/DtzVGiMydA

— D’Challa🎀✨ (@Damaris_Marieee) July 19, 2020

RIP lil brother @RyanBowersOB . What ever you were going through I’m just glad it’s over now. I’ll always carry your words with me and never forget what you told me. You’re story won’t be forgotten. Rest easy brother. #ryanbowers #ripryanbowers pic.twitter.com/oBZh43BZQs

— Pep Williams (@Pep_Williams) July 19, 2020

Rest in Peace#RyanBowers this one personally hurts. Great kid that loved to skate, laugh, and have fun. I still remember how stoked you was about the #MTVMade this death truly hurts kid.
Your sister Nat is going through it bro pic.twitter.com/tWeopdfq26

— CP Ronnie (@CPRonnie1) July 19, 2020

This is directly from Ryan Bowers family. And we owe it to Ryan to please respect their wishes. Please share..
His mom is a lifelong friend, please respect her wishes pic.twitter.com/HdXGn2R6hN

— DragonflyzDesigns (@DragonflyzDesig) July 19, 2020

Stacie Sullivan wrote Obviously what he said was way out of line and definitely impacted my views on him but to wish for someone to commit suicide? You all are sick. No regard for human life. All you do is add to the hate.

Stockton Rob  wrote 
Nicks smart I like Him. Can’t wait to see Him bounce back.I’m thankful for his actions though it just goes to show what all of us already knew. Every race is races . This behavior coming from his race gets ignored A LOT I’m just glad to finally see somebody getting disciplined for it .Yes there’s a difference between whites and Jews Nick and others.Watch Your mouths. 

Caleb Lummen  wrote 
Now is the time for Eminem to kick him when he’s down and respond to those fruity little tracks from earlier this year 

Cristian E. Alvarez  wrote 
Nah I don’t believe he’s suicidal. If he dies in the next few days someone powerful wanted to off him 

Joshua Garcia  wrote 
He doesn’t even say anything about killing himself he just talks about his friend 

Darrell Burkley  wrote 
I Mean Read The Comments Of People That Only Speaks Volume But What He Said Wrong Tho The Irony Of Life!! 

Jamie Nicole Courtney  wrote 
The sad thing is some ppl are hoping he commit suicide so they can have something to talk about on social media…People are really miserable 

Rey Perez  wrote 
You can’t put out hate brother…. If you pushing hate you let the devil enter. It’s about love that brings peace…. You got reckless… You had it made. Number one show… 

Latrice S Lewis  wrote 
Are y’all reading the post it says his friend killed his self. Smh and y’all sitting up here talking about Nick this and that. Smh Damn Pray for him, his family, his friend and his friend family. 

Samantha Gula  wrote 
someone who just lost a family member to suicide 3 weeks ago, they don’t post about it they just do it!! So to me he is attention seeking! My cousin didn’t tell anyone or post anything about it… he just did it.. July 5..

Joshua Mostert  wrote 
Now he going to play the pity card . If someone with “less melanin” made the comments that he made towards a person with “more melanin” they would have been crucified. Dude is a joke and his career should come to an end because of his stupidity and racist remarks, not from threatening or committing suicide. If you feel the need to defend him and his remarks your just as sorry, plain and simple.

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