Destinee LaShaee Death : My 600-lb Life Star Matthew Ventress a.k.a Destinee LaShaee Has Died From Suicide.

By | June 9, 2022

( Market News ) Texas.

My 600-lb Life star Matthew Ventress also known as Destinee LaShaee has died, according to several news article.

Her Death has also been confirmed by his brother Wayne Compton on Facebook.

“I’m sorry bro, I accept you for who you are, I accept every flaw that come with you, I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had nobody else to turn too, I’m sorry you felt you had no other option,” Wayne wrote in a tribute to Matthew on Tuesday.

Who is Matthew Ventress a.k.a Destinee LaShaee

Born as “Matthew,” Destinee never felt like she fit in; now, having come out as a 600-pound transgender woman, she likes her curves, but she will need to say goodbye to them if she wants to be approved to transition completely.
Air date: March 6, 2019.

Matthew Ventress Cause of Death.

Matthew– who was the first transgender person to appear on the TLC reality show— appears to have committed suicide, just one year to the day that his sister died. (His sister’s name was Destiny as well, just FYI.) reported.

Before her death she posted the following statements on Facebook.

Public Reactions to the death of Mathew Ventress.

News of her death has generated a lots of emotional reactions on social media.

Reacting to this story, Seymon Ricketts wrote.
I’m so sorry friend .. I’ll keep you in my prayers , no matter what keep the faith and keep your head up ! You have more support than you know.. we’re here for you . Be strong , pray and stay focus . Pain doesn’t last always and it’s okay to cry . I’m not gone say it’s gone be okay cause it’s not , it’s okay to grieve . we’re here … be strong.

Jas Jackson have this to say : I’m speechless! This very moment i saw your journey on earth ended. I’ve had many conversations on the phone and video chats and hours on end in conversations and you told me your life story.

How much you missed your sister & you missed your brother How you barley was existing? That morning you showed me how your heart was beating like it was about to fall out.Your grandma was your life you told me.

How comfortable you was in your skin! We’ve had soo many conversations that I’ll never repeat(Victoria secret lol) I can go on for days.
People really don’t know the hurt people actually carry behind close doors. Fly high love.

Story Johnson wrote : My beautiful friend!!!! Tv tired to belittle you but you told it all!!! Smh I’m so sorry you couldn’t shake that feeling baby!!!! Ughhh I’m so lost right now smfh!!! Matthew Ventress I can’t believe I’m putting Rip by another one of my friends name.

Christina Achoe reacting to the story said.
The last time I talked to Matthew Ventress. I encouraged him to get help and told him his worth Check on your ppl. Depression is fucking hard! It’s a constant battle. RIP. Mental health over EVERYTHING

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