Jesslyn Houston Death 2022 : What Happened to Jesslyn Zuniga, How did she die ?

By | June 9, 2022

(MARKET NEWS) Houston, TX 

The family of young Jesslyn Zuniga of Houston, Texas is devastated after the young lady was found dead on Sunday.

Ms Zuniga died after leaving her home in Houston to meet a man on her first ever date.

Initially, police believed Jesslyn Zuniga died from suicide when she was found under the overpass of the East Freeway and Gregg Street around 3 a.m. on Sunday.

Her father Joe Zuniga is not buying the idea that his daughter may have died from suicide. Police believed the young lady may have died after intentionally jumping over the bridge overpass.

“We are honoring my daughter,” Zuniga said. “She was a young, beautiful girl full of life. She would never jump off a bridge, she is full of life. She just graduated last year and it’s not something she would do.” ABC News 13 Reported.

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Its now believed Jesslyn Zuniga died after a fatal car accident.


A man who is believed to be the person that picked Jesslyn Zuniga up from her Houston home has now come up to claim he had a fatal car accident with the young lady.

Police after investigation confirmed the accident , saying that a gray Dodge Ram pickup truck was seen hitting a barrier on the overpass a few times and then stopped on the shoulder of the freeway.

The man then reportedly fled the area on foot.


According to statements released to the media by the deceased family, the father of the girl said his daughter was picked up from their Houston home by a strange man she has been talking to online for about  a month.

The family became worried after their daughter never returned home, so he searched the entire Houston area looking for her daughter , but when he could not find her anywhere he alerted authorities.

Police search led to the discovery of her lifeless body near Houston overpass at 3am Sunday morning.

Witnesses first told cops that they heard someone say “don’t do it” before Zuniga’s body was found under the overpass of the East Freeway and Gregg Street around 3 am on Sunday, KTRK reports.


Just like the deceased father, a lots of people on social media did not believe she committed suicide.

Reacting to the story, someone on twitter with a username @booksnotprisons wrote

This beautiful 18 year old woman died in Houston. It’s unclear whether she was thrown from or ejected from a truck on I-10. I attended her 15 just 3 years ago and my heart is breaking for her family. Please share & donate. Rest in Peace Jesslyn.



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