Toni Stone Death : How did America’s First Black Woman Baseball Player Die ?

By | June 10, 2022

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Today’s Google logo is Toni Stone, the first black woman to ever play pro baseball, for the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro Baseball League. 

Celebrating Toni Stone

Good Doodle today is celebrating the first black woman, the first of three women to play professional baseball full-time for the Indianapolis Clowns.

Toni Stone was the first of three women to play professional baseball full-time, in the previously all-male Negro leagues. This also made her the first woman to play as a regular on an American big-league professional baseball team, the team then was all-male Negro leagues.



The subject of today’s Google Doodle was a complicated character with a remarkable career in sports: She was the first woman to play professional men’s baseball in the Negro Leagues of the 1950s.

According to her profile on Wikipedia, she was born July 17, 1921 as Marcenia Lyle Stone in West Virginia.

She is one of the first three women to ever play professional baseball full-time in a male dominated league.

As a baseball player from her early childhood, she went on to play for the San Francisco Sea Lions, the New Orleans Creoles, the Indianapolis Clowns, and the Kansas City Monarchs before retiring from baseball in 1954.

Stone was taunted at times by teammates, once being told, “Go home and fix your husband some biscuits,” but she was undeterred. It has been widely reported that during an exhibition game in 1953, she hit a single off a fastball pitch delivered by legendary player Satchel Paige, although this is also disputed.

Marcenia “Toni” Stone was the 1st woman to play professional baseball regularly in a major men’s professional baseball league. The player she replaced at second base when she joined the Negro American League? None other than Hank Aaron.

The Clowns were looking for someone to help fill in after Hank Aaron left for the Braves. In comes Toni Stone. First women to play regularly on a big league team.


She died at in Alameda city in San Francisco bay area of California, at the age of 75 in a nursing home. The cause of her death was rules a heart failure.

Reacting to the news that Tony Stone was honored by tech giant Goode today , 2x Olympian Ajah Evans wrote the following statements on her twitter account.

Trailblazers like Toni Stone paved the way for me to continue to do what I love! I’ve partnered with @Google to help celebrate her legacy with her own #GoogleDoodle. I’m honored to be an inspiration to the next generation, like Toni


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