Knightowl Death : Chicano Rap Artists Mr. Knightowl has died from Covid-19

By | June 11, 2022


Renowned Chicano rap artist,  Mr. Knightowl has reportedly died from coronavirus complications.

The Latino artist passed away early this morning from COVID complications. According to several sources on social media and a news report by WCS.

The San Diego legend was responsible for inspiring helping to inspire a generation of Hispanics to pick up a microphone and believe that they had a role in this thing we call Hip-Hop. Originally going by the moniker Knightowl, the pioneering rapper got his start in 1993 and was even set to sign to Eazy-E at one point but those plans were cut off due to Eazy’s death.




Birth name : Ramon Corona
Birth place : Tijuana, Mexico
Origin : San Diego, California
Genres : G-Funk, Chicano Rap, Gangsta Rap, West Coast Hip Hop
Occupation(s): Rap Artist, Business Man
Years active : 1993–2022

Labels :

Familia Records
Low Profile Records

Sawed Off Records

Knightowl (sometimes styled as Mr. Knightowl) was a Chicano Rap artist. He began recording in 1993. His fame came with the hit single Daddy I’m In Love With a Gangsta and Here Comes The Knightowl.

With a career that began in 1993 when he made his first recordings, his breakthrough came with the hit single ”Daddy I’m In Love With a Gangsta” and ”Here Comes The Knightowl”. He signed with Columbia Records, but quickly decided to start his own record label, calling it “Sawed Off Records”.

In 1994, Ruthless Records founder and NWA member Eazy-E was going to sign Knightowl, DJ Mikeski and Mr. Lil One from South San Diego as a weapon against Death Row Records, Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, but due to the sudden death of Eazy-E, this was not achieved. Mr Knightowl managed to leave a legacy of more than 30 recorded albums.

On the morning of February 11, the death of this legend was confirmed due to complications with Covid-19.


Tributes and Condolences.

reacting to his death Serji Martinez wrote : Rest in Eternity Primo !! I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you in awhile man . I wished I would of seen you and talked to you one last time brother .. your legacy and music will live on forever big dawg ! .. thank you for all the good crazy times we had growing up, you always watched over us.. I’m going to miss all those times you taking us to LA recording in the studios growing up , eating out everywhere lol , going to your shows ! .. some great times fam.


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