Lassa Fever UK : Patient dies of Ebola-like Lassa fever as third case in UK confirmed.

By | June 11, 2022


A patient has died of Ebola-like virus as third case in UK is confirmed, the British Health Security Agency said on Friday.

One patient has died from a very rare Lassa fever in UK — “similar to Ebola” It is normally contracted by exposure to foods and household items which are contaminated with the urine or feces of infected rats. UK authorities are tracking people exposed to the latest deceased individual.


Two cases of Lassa fever have been discovered in Great Britain, with a third case under investigation.
The rare and acute viral illness is similar to Ebola, and endemic to some parts of West Africa.
Two cases were found in the UK back in 2009, but were contained.
Those infected are members of a family that recently returned from west Africa, where the disease is endemic, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

So far 3 cases in the UK so far. One of which has died in Luton. Extremely concerning given that 3 cases and one has died. Ebola is a virus with a guaranteed mortality rate. Sky News reported.


A virus that causes severe bleeding, organ failure, and can lead to death.
Humans may spread the virus to other humans through contact with bodily fluids such as blood.
Initial symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, and chills. Later, a person may experience internal bleeding resulting in vomiting or coughing blood.
Treatment is supportive hospital care. Sources: Mayo Clinic


In a statement on Friday, the agency said the individual died as they confirmed the case of the acute viral illness, which is endemic in parts of West Africa.
We will continue to support the patient’s family and our staff and are working closely with colleagues from the UK Health Security Agency to undertake a robust contact tracing exercise.


The following is how people in the United Kingdom are reacting to this news development on social media.
Buckinghamshire Disability Service BuDS wrote on twitter. 
“It’s worth remembering that the Covid-extremists want to abolish the Public Health Act 1984. This would remove the ability to take legal precautions against any future outbreak of any disease, even of rabies, Lassa fever, or Ebola”

“Canis Latrans (Jess) wrote : Just was reading the article about Lassa Fever in the UK and it had an explanation at the end of what Lassa is and it reminded me of the brief horrific period in 2014 when I read many, many BBC articles about Ebola that all included identical text explaining what it was.

Have we actually had anyone die of Ebola in the UK before, the UKHSA was a great investment wasn’t it, but we have our best lady at the top, so nothing to worry about.

UK armys, remain safe, wear a mask, social distance, make sure you wash your hands every now and then. do not listen to bojo and risk your own life, I promise you, covid hasn’t ended. it is reality and now we’ve got a deathly ebola like variant”

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