Amir Locke Shooting : Minneapolis No Knock Warrant Led to the Killing of Another Black Man.

By | June 14, 2022

(Market News) Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Another violent protest is taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota after a controversial police shooting led to the death of another black man, Amir Locke.



SWAT officers killed Amir Locke on Wednesday seconds after they burst into an apartment to serve a no-knock warrant.

The 22 year-old black male was killed moments after the Minneapolis Swat team burst into his apartment to serve a warrant.


Seconds before police killed him Wednesday morning, Locke appeared to be asleep on a couch, under a blanket. The video from an officer-worn camera shows that Locke, who is Black, had a gun in his hand. But both the authorities and Locke’s attorneys agree that he was not the subject of the warrant that police were attempting to execute. NPR News Reported.


The Attorney General of Minnesota , General Keith Ellison has called for a swift investigation with the following statement posted to his twitter account.


Last year Minnesota passed a police reform bill that included restrictions on no-knock warrants. This week in Minnesota Amir Locke was murdered in his bed by police acting on a no-knock warrant.

Amir Locke was 22 years old, wrapped in a blanket, asleep on a couch when Minneapolis police stormed in and executed him within 9 seconds of executing their No Knock warrant.

The body cam footage depicts Amir Locke waking up not from a knock at the door but from armed men screaming at him from inside the apartment. It is clear he had no time to process what was happening nor who was doing it.

It was not clear as at the time of this reporting if Amir Locke has criminal record or history.


There has been outrage on social media after news of the killing on Amir Locke. Many people took to social media to voice their anger and frustration.

Here are some reactions captured on social media.

A lady who identified her self as Brown Sugar on twitter wrote
Here we go again another young Black man in a his home sleep killed by police with a no knock warrant.His name is Amir Locke .. His father speaking with Don Lemon stated he had conversations with Amir about not wearing hats & hoodies .. Why not every other race can
And another person with the user name Street Son wrote
There’s no damn way to excuse the execution of Amir Locke! I’m so sick of law enforcement treating black men as fucking targets at a shooting range! No knock warrants needs to be outlawed! Now, another INNOCENT, young black man’s life is gone!
Reacting to the news, Chandra Renee wrote.
Minneapolis police just killed another of our OWN!!! I’m tired of this!! So called “no knock warrant” I HATE THE POLICE!!! Say HIS name!! Amir Locke!!! Rotten bastards used a key and went into the apartment and killed this baby!!!



One thought on “Amir Locke Shooting : Minneapolis No Knock Warrant Led to the Killing of Another Black Man.

  1. Marvin Calhoun

    The color of the victim’s skin has nothing to do with this. Neither does whether or not he has a criminal record, or that he was no the subject of the warrant. The police did not shoot him because he is black. The police didn’t know if he had a criminal record or not when they shot him. They didn’t know if he had a right to be there. They didn’t know if he had a right to carry a gun. The police didn’t know he wasn’t the subject of the warrant. Please quit playing the race card. A more appropriate question to ask is why was this young man sleeping with a gun in the apartment of a suspected murderer?


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