Neighbours Being Axed : Rumors of Channels 5 Ending Neighbours TV Soap in the UK is Confirmed.

By | June 15, 2022

Australian television soap Neighbours is to stop airing on UK television screens after 36 years of existence.

Neighbours has reportedly been axed after 36 years on UK television screens.

The heart breaking end of Neighbours comes after Channels 5  announced it would no longer air the program. The UK station has largely funded Neighbours since 2008, meaning that the series will end its record-breaking run in August if it is not picked up by another broadcaster. NME News reported.

What appears to be a mere speculation has now been confirmed to be true after Channel 5 confirmed that the show will no longer air on the station “beyond this summer”. Australian broadcaster Network Ten are maintaining their desire to save the show, but that it would need a new backer to continue.


Neighbours is a television soap series that talks about the lives, loves and challenges of the residents in Ramsay Street, from their business relationships through to their deep pasts, in a cul-de-sac in the town of Erinsborough in Australia.

No. of episodes: 8771
Production companies: Grundy Television (1985–2006); Fremantle Australia (2006–present)
Original network: Seven Network (1985); Network 10 (1986–2010); 10 Peach (2011–)


The heart breaking story has generated a lots of reactions and conversation on social media. Reacting to the news of Neighbours being axed in the UK, a man who identified himself on twitter as Andy with #SaveNeighbours wrote 

I’ve watched Neighbours for my entire life. It’s brought me joy, escapism and comfort when I’ve needed it. It’s introduced me to many amazing people who care so deeply about the show. It’s more than just a TV show for me and many others, it’s a community.

Another person twitted this clip.

More comments and reactions.

Hearing the news that #Neighbours is set to disappear from UK TV screens made me hark back about 25 years. Did Marlene ever return from her cruise? She went on a cruise, and the character never returned.

As the news continues to sink in and we wait for news of who will save the show (Crossed fingersCrossed fingersCrossed fingers), let’s celebrate our fave Aussie battler. It’s hard to think a TV landscape without #Neighbours giving us those crazy show-stopping moments we all love!

Disgraceful Channel 5 – nobody gives a monkeys about your British programming, it’s wank. So much bleak TV on these days, and you cancel a daily 22 minutes of sunshine. Bellends.

If #Neighbours does indeed get cancelled Australia would lose an important drama outlet that produces some of our best actors to go overseas and becomes top tier actors like Guy Pearce and Margo Robbie. That is why we need to #SaveNeighbours Aussie drama will be poorer without it.

Really not interested in reading “#Neighbours should have been axed ages ago, it’s crap” Tweets right now when hundreds of talented people are going to be out of work… including many of my friends. If you must have them, make those thoughts your inside voice.

The cast and crew deserve so much more respect than this.

To be world leaders in TV production during covid, and then be treated like this. Dumped, without notice. The entire TV world owes #Neighbours a debt and I am so angry on their behalf

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