Adam Rich Death : Eight Is Enough’ Child Star, Dies at 54

According to a member of his family and the American news website TMZ, the actor Adam Rich, who achieved fame at a very tender age, has passed away. Rich, best known for his role in the film “Eight is Enough,” died at 54.

His role as Nicholas Bradford in the ABC sitcom Eight is Enough at Eight is where he first gained widespread recognition. In those days, people called him “America’s younger brother,” and his distinctive pot haircut made him stand out.
After filming, he maintained a relationship with Dick van Patten (1928–2015), the series creator. The television program was broadcast in the United States from 1977 until 1981, spanning five seasons. After that, Rich became a member of the cast of the television shows “Code Red” and “Dungeons & Dragons.”

According to the information provided in the article, Rich passed away on Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. However, the member of his family who spoke did not mention why he passed away.

On Instagram, Betty Buckley, who played Rich’s stepmother, referred to him as a “light” and said she enjoyed having him as a “young companion” on set. She also called him her friend.

“I cherished him and loved working with him,” Buckley wrote while posting photographs of the two of them on a swing set, on horseback, and with her arm around him while he slept. “He was thoughtful, humorous, unpretentious, and genuine.” “He brought joy to both the show and the audience.”

In October, Rich posted about his mental health and seven years of sobriety on Twitter. He referred to his arrests, multiple stays in rehabilitation facilities, overdoses, and “countless detoxes and CA relapses” as examples of his “imperfection” and encouraged his nearly 19,000 followers to continue on their journey of recovery.

Rich stated in a tweet back in September that “humans weren’t intended to tolerate mental illness.” It’s ridiculous that some people think those are weak or lack willpower because the opposite is accurate, and it’s absurd that some people think those are weak! “Fighting off such illnesses requires the fortitude of a warrior.”

Rich participated in the Might magazine story published in 1996 about the actor killed outside a nightclub in Los Angeles. The parody of the American obsession with famous people in obscure magazines was not successful.

According to the website, Rich starred in “Code Red” between 1981 and 1982 and then played the role of Presto the Magician in “Dungeons & Dragons” between 1983 and 1985. His most notable role was in both of the “Eight is Enough” reunions broadcast on television.

The majority of his appearances on popular television shows, such as “The Love Boat,” “The Six Million Dollar Man,” “Silver Spoons,” and “Baywatch,” were limited to a single episode. Crocodile Dundee on “Reel Comedy” was his most recent role on IMDB.


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