Yellow Magic Orchestra member Yukihiro Takahashi has passed away.

The famed Japanese singer Yukihiro Takahashi is said to have died, according to speculations.

The musician had brain surgery to remove a tumor in 2020, and in the following year (2021), he revealed other health issues.

The situation is still developing, but based on the initial reports from Japan, Yukihiro Takahashi appears to have passed away.

Yukihiro Takahashi, born in Tokyo in 1952, is recognized for changing the course of Japanese music by embracing technology and developing a fresh take on electronic pop.

The group’s production, a crucial component of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, foreshadowed City Pop and set the stage for subsequent acts to follow in its footsteps.

During the band’s ground-breaking first run, which started with their 1978 self-titled debut album and ran until their 1983 record titled “Service,” drummer and vocalist Yukihiro Takahashi was in charge of defining the identity of their discography.

Along the process, Yellow Magic Orchestra significantly influenced dance music and rap, becoming a valuable source of hip-hop samples. Early Detroit techno artists credit the group as having a substantial effect on their sound, and they continue to be a true touchstone for electronic explorers.

In the 1990s, Yukihiro Takahashi started working on soundtracks, and over that decade, he completed numerous solo projects. The duo Sketch Show was established at the turn of the millennium.

The Canadian initiative Junior Boys – characterized the loss as “devastating.”

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