Aaron Hernandez Netflix : Was Aaron Hernandez Gay

By | September 10, 2021

Entertainments (Market News) : Aaron Hernandez Netflix : Was Aaron Hernandez Gay.

If anyone knew we were having sex our lives would be ruined’: Aaron Hernandez’s secret gay lover opens up about their relationship and tells how the NFL star turned murderer was ‘tired, depressed and struggling’

Dennis SanSoucie told how they first began a sexual relationship at school, we didn’t want anyone to know. We were just in complete denial. The Daily Mail reported 

A new documentary featuring the murder case of Aaron Hernandez also shed more light on the rumor that Hernandez may have been involved in gay affairs.

This Aaron Hernandez documentary is nothing but tarnishing him. All it’s talking about is how he was a trouble making weed head, whose father abused his family which turned him into a lost, gay child. Notice who’s speaking, nobody that is gonna speak good on him.

The fact that the most important thing people took from this Aaron Hernandez docomentary was that he was gay is crazy. One thing that is a fact is that he was multimillionaire cold blooded murderer. We can’t conclude he was gay. 

This is how people reacted to this conspiracy that Aaron Hernandez was gay on social media.

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