Aaron Page Death -Dead-Obituaries : British Strongman Aaron Page has Died from Covid-19.

By | November 21, 2020

Aaron Page Death –Dead-Obituaries : British Strongman Aaron Page has Died from Covid-19..

5th Britain’s Strongest Man of 2020 Aaron Page has died following being put into an induced coma due to covid earlier this month, according to a statement posted online on November 21.  2020.

His death was announced on Instagram by fellow strongman Laurence Shahlaei with the following statements

Woke up to heartbreaking news this morning. Aaron, you leave behind so many people who loved you, it was an honour to call you a friend. My deepest condolences to Aaron’s family during this terribly difficult time.

Aaron Page Cause of Death.

He died following being put into an induced coma due to covid-19 earlier this month.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Marcel wrote 

I’ve known him since we were 3 years old. Were never best friends during that time, but always kept in touch and caught up.

Never had a bad word to say about him. Was always kind, was never a bully. I remember in Secondary School, he was one of the 2 “top guys” on the Rugby team. He was really good. I was not. One day I was roped in one time to play for the other school, who couldn’t get to 15. My first ever School Rugby game.

Their team was a mile ahead, and he broke through the line and it was only me between him and another try. People were watching, including half a dozen girls who I’d prefer not see my get flattened like a pancake. He was twice my size, even then. He could have easily ran straight through me. He could have ran round me. He could have run up the score. He chose not to. Instead, he ran at me, smiled and let me tackle him.

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I got pats on the back from my teammates from the other school, and I never forgot that tiny little gesture. The only Rugby game of my career. I never touched the ball and I made 1 tackle, and it was a gift from Aaron.

Your sport has lost one of the good ones.

Strongmantom wrote 

Awful news. He reffed my first ever strongman comp, Hampshire’s Strongest about 5 years ago. Met him a few years later when he came into the shop I worked at and he even remembered the comp, (I fell over with a barrel and rolled for ages), and had a chat with him.

He was happy to chat training and helped me work on breathing and bracing right there and then.

I hope everyone can share some memories in this time .

Designer-Set wrote 

Gutted, he helped me improve my bench a couple years ago ,i got off to a flying start by being late! Our sons went to the same school, always a friendly hello if i saw him there.Last year he was turning up on his motorbike to pick his boy up and roar off down the road,the sport will move on but a son has lost his father.


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