Abdirahman Abdi Death : Officer Daniel Montsion Found not guilty of all charges

By | October 20, 2020

Abdirahman Abdi Death : Officer Daniel Montsion Found not guilty of all charges

Abdirahman Abdi, a black muslim refugee from somalia, was killed by police in canada’s capital city in 2016. it was filmed and shared across national news platforms for the country’s observance. the police officer who killed him was found NOT guilty today.

Justice Robert Kelly has found Daniel Montsion not guilty of all charges in the killing of Abdirahman Abdi. Kelly said there is reasonable doubt about whether Montsion caused Abdirahman’s death, and reasonable doubt about whether his assault of Abdirahman was excessive.



Peter Brake @PeterBrake7 wrote 

The system has been so heavily weighted towards giving the benefit of the doubt to police actions and testimony that it has created massive distrust in the judicial system. That is something that has to be addressed legislatively.

Barbara Mitchell @BarbMitchellott wrote 

This is not a good day for Ottawa. My condolences once again to the Abdi family and friends.

Joe T. @tommyjlinsen wrote 
For whatever it’s worth, it’s highly unlikely he will ever be on street patrol in this city again. Not sure what capacity he could effectively police in now, but it will probably be behind a desk, away from the public.

Shannon Buffett @ssbuffett wrote 

The judgement today is exactly what it should have been, anything less would have shown complete racial bias and a lack of respect for Canadian laws. Montsion was doing his job in a crappy situation, Abdi was assaulting women and then assaulted the police who came when called.

Stacie Jacques @Stacie03016093 wrote 

I dealt w/him a few times at that Bridgehead when I lived on Fairmont. It was very obvious he had a mental disability but he always listened to me. I do NOT blame Bridgehead but from the very start it should have been relayed to the police that a mental disability was involved.

Tom Sta @TomSInOtt wrote 

There seems to be a double standard: The police have their fortress recently fortified with concrete pillars out front and in the lobby is a sign saying that abusive language and intimidation will not be tolerated; these are privileges they do not extend to the general public.

Tony_pcar968 wrote 
It is clear that mental health professionals need to be dispatched with the police for 911 calls. Ottawa City Council & OPS need to find a way to evolve & include this important function so when someone with mental illness is arrested, they don’t resist & get hurt #ottnews

CrazyTimes @suziq202000000 wrote 

Exactly. In fact, based on all the Twitter experts out there, I’d say don’t even send the police: there are many people who would (and presumably could) have solved the cry for help from Bridgehead patrons that day with no injuries AND managed not to spill their lattés.


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