Alex Murdaugh Death – Obituary News : Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and son Paul Murdaugh were murdered in their home.

By | September 10, 2021

Alex Murdaugh Death – Obituary News : Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and son Paul Murdaugh were murdered in their home.

Prominent South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was shot in Hampton County, South Carolina, on Saturday less than three months after his wife Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and son Paul Murdaugh were murdered in their home.


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This is UNREAL. Alex Murdaugh has been shot on a rural road in the low country. This comes after his wife and son were executed on their property back on June 7.
The State Newspaper is reporting he has been shot on a rural road in Hampton County. It happened on Salkehatchie Road, according to his lawyer Jim Griffin.
Alex Murdaugh, father and husband of murder victims, shot in Hampton County. What we know

Alex Murdaugh was shot in Hampton County, South Carolina, on Saturday less than three months after his wife

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

 Kameron McCoy wrote
I feel like he did this to himself! The murders of his wife & son were brutal from what I gathered.. they wouldn’t have just “hurt” him. They would have made sure he was taken out too!

Judy Blancher wrote
I really don’t think it is the family of the girl killed in the boating accident folks there is alot of lawyers, solicitor’s, ect. in this family I truly believe that this has to do with someone they helped send to prison for life maybe even death row that prisoner could be innocent and that family maybe getting revenge it happens all the time The Attorney General office should stay looking into alot of what’s going on in the court system today starting with Laurens County and start looking into these prosecutor’s also

Cathy M. Elrod Moody wrote
Who is the other boy in the photo? Is he a son also and could he be a suspect in the shootings? Money does crazy things to people even families.

Cathy Johnson wrote
Oh my goodness some is taking justice into their own hands.

Dina Gillespie wrote
Been listening to the Murdaugh Murders Podcast. It’s very well done lots of research on all the deaths surrounding this family, Stephen Smith, the Murdaugh’s maid, Mallory Beach, Paul, Maggie, and now Alex. Far too many deaths around this family. One thing I have noticed is that the Podcast host/journalist, Mandy Matney, has really backed off on the shows. Could she have been getting too close? Was she threatened?

Tina Alford wrote
That family is covering up their mess. Shameful.. Grandfathers death needs investigation as well.

Landice Cogan wrote
Sooo.. about this family? I understand the dad was a lawyer but obviously there is more?

Monika Merritt wrote
The dad is guilty for their murders and is now trying to kill himself!! That’s my opinion!

Sandi Mullican wrote
Has anyone mentioned the fourth person in the picture is that another son or who is that? And if it was already answered in these comments I’m very sorry. My electricity has been spotty at best

Cathy Crowe Eppes Black wrote
I have no idea and this is only my humble opinion but I believe this family was pretty deep into some organized crime or something similar. They may have even been the head of it. In any event somebody was highly mad at these people. I wonder if he’ll recover enough to tell them who shot him.

Leyna Baker wrote
Can someone really investigate all this please. You have an entire family now murdered by two different suspects at two different times – something is going on. Wtf were they involved in.

Sonya MyblackisBeautiful Murray wrote
Isn’t this the family of a guy who killed someone while driving a boat intoxicated and walked away scott free? Someone didn’t like that very much. This whole story is intriguing af…can’t wait to hear what investigators find.

Nichole Acorn wrote
And the plot thickens. People had to know this was coming. This family has been in deep for years. So sad for the rest of their family. But someone is clearly taking revenge

Reagan Fair wrote
Don’t know anything about this incident other than what everyone else is/has been reading. But I am almost willing to bet that Alex shot himself because his conscious was starting to get the best of him and the walls were closing in on him! We shall see!


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