Amina And Sarah Said Murder : Yaser Abdel Said Arrested by the FBI for Honor Killing of His Daughters.

By | September 27, 2020

Amina And Sarah Said Murder : Yaser Abdel Said Arrested by the FBI for Honor Killing of His Daughters.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested of the Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Yaser Abdel Said, a capital murder suspect wanted in connection with the homicide of his two teenage daughters.
Mr. Yaser Abdel Said, a Lewisville, Tx taxi driver wanted for killing his two teenage daughters. His arrest came twelve years after he was declared wanted by the FBI. He was arrested in North Texas.


The FBI said Said is currently in federal custody and will soon be transferred to Dallas County. According to the FBI, a $100,000 reward was being offered for his capture. It’s not clear how agents knew where to find Said or if someone was eligible to claim the reward. According to a report by .

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The FBI also said he was harbored in North Texas area by some of his relatives, those relatives according to the FBI has also been arrested.

Why Did Yaser Abdel Said Killed his Daughters ?

On why Mr. Yaser Abdel Said killed his own daughters,  It is widely believed that Said killed his daughters as an “honor killing”. Its believed that Mr. Yaser Abdel Said killed his daughters because of their American ways of life that is against Islamic religious doctrines.

Comments and Reactions 

Siouxzee Banshe wrote 

That man deserves to suffer for the rest of his life! There is no Honor in “Honor Killings”. That is not an Islamic act. That is the act of a perverted and sick man! May Allah(PBUH) give him the punishment he justly deserves!

Acenett Ruiz wrote

Love Irving Police Dept! May God watch over you as you are all on duty. Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Karen Votteler Carreon wrote

So glad they got him but it doesn’t bring back those beautiful sisters. At least they may get justice. Hope those who helped him are charged as well. Well done, law enforcement.

Tina Constancio wrote
Good! Finally these beautiful girls will get some kind of justice! He will run again if he’s allowed to be bailed out. Keep him locked up.

Cindy Berrie Bauter wrote
Valerie Denise, it was an honor killing. The case has been made, and he will get his day in court for it to be official. I know the back side of that story, and he needs to pay with his own life.

Stacia Burnham wrote

Excellent job! He is on his way on a one way train to HELL. Who could harbor this fugitive knowing what he did to his two daughters.


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