Andrew Acuff Death – Obituary News: Andrew Acuff passed away yesterday at 26 .

By | September 16, 2021

Andrew Acuff Death – Obituary News: Andrew Acuff passed away yesterday at 26 .

We are sad to report that Andrew Acuff passed away yesterday at 26, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 15. 2021.

Jim Acuff 2d  · I wish I was better with words- they fail me now. My nephew Andrew Acuff passed away yesterday at 26 Please pray for my brother and his family as well as our entire family. Andrew was a pure soul- also hysterical and super random as a kid. One of my favorite memories was when he came to visit in Texas and we went to a rodeo. Afterward we were all walking back and lost Andrew and my brother Mike – next thing I knew I heard this bird sound CAW CAW CAW CAW- I looked up in a tree and Andrew and Mike had climbed up in it to be birds. . RIP Andrew thanks for the laughs- we will miss you. 7474 57 Comments 1 Share Like Comment Share

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Ryan Konesky wrote
I wanna start with clearing the name local news is giving him. Andrew wasn’t some “hiker.” He was a skilled runner and climber who had been preparing for this trail for months. An unimaginable misfortune befell him and resulted in the loss of his life.
He was also one of my closest friends and the thought of wishing there was some way I could bring him back keeps coming in waves.

However, I know that he left the legacy he was meant to and that he was always loved dearly by his wife, friends, and family.
Story time:
Arizona was the first place I moved to once I left Utah. I remember meeting both Andrew Acuff and Josephine Chau and thinking I always want to be their third wheel climbing partner. That held up for a couple months until they needed to move to Utah for their final PT school rotation. At the same time, 2 of my other best climbing friends were moving to Utah as well. I was so elated for the 4 of them to meet, climb, and vibe together. They hit things off real quick and the rest is history.

-4 best friends climbing in Utah and I pop in to hang anytime I was in Utah. And whenever I wasn’t around, I would just call and text Andrew questions about my 7000 finger injuries.
1. We did the iconic Phoenix Totem Pole climb together. Andrew promised the approach wasn’t that bad. -it was SO LONG.

2. I remember Andrew, Jo, and I all sleeping in my prius one night. They got the bed while I slept (but didn’t) in the front seat.
3. I remember meeting a random guy who asked to climb with us and I suggested we act like beginners just to spook him a little.
4. I remember belaying Andrew 5 times in one day on our project at the Pond. To this day neither of us have snatched that climb.
5. I remember watching a bunch of ridiculous YouTube videos in a hotel one night and how we ALWAYS quote, “do not boil it.”
6. Etc…
It was perfect and it felt like it’d last forever.
Classic Ryan Conclusion. (Aka tie everything back to climbing rocks)
Dealing with this loss has once again reminded me of how important rock climbing is to me. It is the reason why I met Andrew and why I got to have so many experiences with him. It is also going to be the therapy helps me and my friends recover from this loss. The climbing community has continued to give me faith in humanity and Andrew was no exception. You are the most gentle guy I know. Rest in peace and climb on, Andrew.

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SallyAnn Fleury-Di Regolo wrote
May our Lord God bless and comfort you and your family and welcome him into his light and may Andrew rest in the joy of it. My heart hurts for youBarbara Hunsucker Lemly wrote
I know Jim, right now there are no words that I can say to express the sadness that I feel for you & your family right, except that it feels like I just lost a member of my family. & I do consider everyone of you all my family. I just pray that God wraps each one in his loving arm as you’ll go through this tragedy. Love to you all


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