Angelo Quinto Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Angelo Quinto of Antioch CA, a 30-year-old Filipino American and navy veteran has died 3 days after police knelt on his neck.

By | September 13, 2021

 Angelo Quinto Death -Dead – Obituary – Cause of Death : Angelo Quinto of Antioch CA, a 30-year-old Filipino American and navy veteran has died 3 days after police knelt on his neck.

The above mentioned individual has died , according to the following statements posted on social media.

RT @bmcarthur17: #AngeloQuinto, a 30-year-old Filipino American and navy veteran has died 3 days after police knelt on his neck.

A national registry for crooked cops would be a good place to start. Let’s do this!

Source: NYT

#PoliceReform #DemVoice1

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Deleen Hyer Rotatori
Do not call the police!!
When a family member is having a mental breakdown,
Do everything in your
Power to handle it yourself.
You see the outcome !
It’s happening more and more with no accountability.

Verdina Ball
DEVEASTATION!! Will they ever learn#! We do conveyOUR deepest HEARTFELT SYMPATHY.will keep the families in PRAYERS. SMOOCHES

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Jillian Self
When are we going to hold police accountable for this? Too many lives lost to police brutality and ignorance. Stopping a person from being able to breathe should be an automatic expulsion from public service with prison time for assault. If the only way you can restrain someone is by choking them then maybe you need a different job. Cannot imagine how much guilt his sister likely feels for calling the police. We need better social services available to people experiencing a mental health crisis. He served his country just to be killed by his country. He deserved more.

Ann Erwin
Its tragic this country will not pay to have enough services available for mental health assistance, or insurances won’t pay, but what do families do? I agree it shouldn’t be the cops, they sure as heck aren’t the answer.

Gillian Henley-smith
I brought police wen ad issue with someone with mental health. Never their lies.. as it was stated this person add dog..didn’t no if was out.but stressed vhementley.t warn who ever was going b aware dog never b known t attack or hurt anyone .but f reason the dog supposedly did but we hundred per cent it didn’t as got no viable Mark’s apart f little rip on trousers but cop supposedly try get away f dog.thunk caught his pants on screw what was acting as gate catch.the person in question want aware cops were going.t prevent further problems. But obviously it didn’t as cop vehemently lied but make matters worse the person in question as always ad problems turning up st his abode trew others x exes causing problems so t protect him self he ran out shouted f off or get some as say he no idea who was their as not got vis jacket on.but bearing I mind he jst accused dog.biteing him but yet if lad ad run up path so would dog were I believe b more then a small tear in the dog he add didn’t like loud noises x cop literally hammered on door so realistically it scared dog so dog obviously new something wasn’t right way cops were responding. So mean it was defending its property. X owner even tho dog wasn’t with person of concern.but cops ar homeless trying convict the person who mentally int right mind.acted impulsively due t mental health but ppl saying carnt c dr.ect I foned crisis team another waste time they tell lies x say thing b sorted but nothing comes 2 a fruitatiin then wonder why ppl ar so vulnerable.and things dont get done

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Vance Zion Ren
This is horrible and devastating for this poor man and his family but these are cops from a liberal state with liberal politicians. why are they still enforcing police brutality? dont blame the cops. blame the politicians. why are there still enforcing it.

Beverly Kephart
This is why funding needs to change for police! They must find mental health care workers!

Catherine Napolitano
This must stop. Training must be done to handle mental Heath issues. Tragic.

Kathy Strickland
This is why police should not. Be defunded. But should be demiliytized take some of budget for mental health

Chris Long
How about we wait till the full story comes out before we jump the gun. If the officers were truly responsible then people can go off. I don’t know the policy there but here in pa when paramedics are call the police are dispatched atomically.

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