Anmol Khindri Suicide – Kenosha Car Dealer Killed Kimself

By John Chekwas | September 12, 2020

Anmol Khindri Suicide – Kenosha Car Dealer Killed Kimself.

A fake headline wrongly claims a Kenosha car dealer killed himself when insurance wouldn’t cover damage from the Jacob Blake protest violence.

“Don’t believe everything on social media. Just saw news the car dealer in Kenosha killed himself. The post has grammar errors and capitalization errors. I can’t find anything online about it. It is fake and divisive.
This is not real life. People are trying to make us angry at each other. If you are reading this you know who I am and we are probably good friends and even if you don’t know me, know that I only have LOVE for everyone. Focus on loving each other and let your differences shine.
“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.’ — Abraham Lincoln”

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