Anne Kirkbride Death -Dead : Anne Kirkbride has Died ..

By | December 10, 2020

Anne Kirkbride Death -Dead : Anne Kirkbride has Died ..

Anne Kirkbride has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on January 19. 2020.

RIP Anne Kirkbride. January 19  · Rip to the legendary Anne Kirkbride, aka Deirdre, who died 5 years ago today from breast cancer. There’s been a big hole in corrie since she died. Gone but never forgotten.

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Maria C. Dudgeon wrote
I’m watching cornation street since the age of 8 yrs I’m now in my 50’s used to love it so much. Lately for a good while don’t care if I miss it for a full week. Depressing and the story lines I see them before they come. I’m hoping I hear from one of my friends it’s good again so I go watching it

Patricia Boylan wrote
Aww Anne kirkbride was one of my favourite Corrie characters she was really funny her personality shown through she did some tough story lines I remember as well a brilliant actress sadly missed I’ve loved Corrie since I was young my mum always watched Corrie and I’ve always have a continue to do storylines are so powerful yet Corrie has humour also the story line at the moment with Yasmin and that husband is really awful and hope she wakes up that he’s controlling her emtional abuse I think is really tough but is relevant and I know myself it can be tough to recognise and also get out of such a relationship as well Corrie is doing a great job and the humour still needs to be part of Corrie so we don’t get depressed with such hard hitting story lines love Corrie always will the jade and fizz story is good as well and the chesney and Gemma and their babies so lovely the hard hitting grooming storyline also it’s quite heavy although it is highlighted the dangers out there on young people and to educate and watch out for young people in our society plus it’s usually someone family knows I’d say make sure message gets a cross to speak out if this is going on well done Corrie for all the storylines though tough I imagine to cover as it can be quite upsetting to watch thoughts turning to Anne she will always be missed she was a very popular character

Richard Berd wrote
I miss Anne so much, and think of her often and how I would love to have met her.She continues to give me strength to carry-on through life’s battles and always reminds me that comedy is not that far away sometimes when you don’t expect it.
However its still very sad world without Anne. rest in peace.xxxx
Is “REST IN PEACE” prayer for the dead biblical? Clerics speak ...

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