Anthony Mazza Death : Nypd Esu Officer who Served for 23 years Passed Away.

By | February 25, 2022

Anthony Mazza Death : Nypd Esu Officer who Served for 23 years Passed Away.

Detective Anthony Mazza of New York City Police Department Emergency Service Unit Truck 7 who courageously served New York City for more than 20 years has passed away .

It was reported that he died at the age of 50, leaving behind his 5 children and wife.

His death was announced on social media by Detectives’ Endowment Association.

Anthony Mazza Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on the cause of Anthony Mazza’s death.

Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Dave Herman wrote

“My heart is broken, a part of me died today…
My favorite cousin, and one of my best friends in the whole world passed away suddenly today, at the age of 50… far too soon. He’s already in Heaven, of that I am certain. One of the best men I’ve ever known… a hero in my eyes, a brother in my heart. The one I could ask anything and tell anything. The one I’d always call to share a challenge, victory, or defeat. It pains me to even write this.
He was my wife’s cousin before he was mine. His reputation in our family preceded him. I felt like I knew him before I ever met him. He was an amazing man, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. In every way a man could be upright and good, he was what God wants us all to be.
He was a police detective in the NYPD’s highest trained and most elite unit, Emergency Service Unit. I was so fascinated by that, especially when I first met him. He was fascinated by my martial arts training and career. We became fast friends. We were so much alike in so many ways… Harleys, guns, music, movies, tv shows, sense of humor, love of God, family, and the good in humanity… Yet, I really looked up to him and aspired to be just like him.
He was the one who got me into acting and stunts. He always said he wanted to help me break into stage combat, fight scenes and choreography… which is next to impossible, but he always helped me, and pushed me, the best he could.
He and all his ESU brothers took me under their wings, and pushed me to become a police officer, and helped me every step of the way. Once I became a police officer, he and all his brothers, once again took me under their wings and welcomed me into their circle of some of the best security work around. I owe so much of who, what and where I am, to him.
We worked thousands of hours together, and even started a business together. Hustling together, to work and save, for our families. It never, ever felt like work when I had him by my side. In fact, I looked forward to working with him and all of his brothers, who became mine as well. We had so many great days, nights, and adventures together.
When my son was born, I asked Anthony to be Andy’s Godfather. Ant was already an amazing dad to five awesome kids, and a sixth who he adopted, without hesitation. He was the guy I knew I wanted to look after my kids, if God forbid, something ever happened to me. I don’t know how I could ever do my part to look after all his kids, but God as my witness, I will… because I know Ant would do it for me.
Friends are the family we choose… but when family are the friends we choose, it’s an absolute blessing from the Lord. I can’t believe I’m writing this right now. As tears pour from my eyes, and I sob on the shoulders of my children, I tell them that he’s the human being we should all aspire and strive to be. He truly made the world a better place.
Cuz, I can’t believe you’ve left this dimension. We had so many plans and dreams to fulfill together. Life could never be quite the same without you here with all of us. Bruce Lee said “the key to immortality, is first living a life worth remembering.” The 50 years you spent with all who have known and loved you, will be remembered forever.
Anthony Mazza, I wanna be just like you when I grow up.
Be sure to stop by when you can, and send some signs. I know you will. I can’t wait for them.
I love you so much.



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