At 31 I Have Weeks to Live : Elliot Dallen death is a Hoax – He is Still Alive

By | September 7, 2020

At 31 I Have Weeks to Live : Elliot Dallen death is a Hoax – He is Still Alive.

The speculations on social media that Elliot Dallen has died is a hoax, however he has only few weeks to live as a result of terminal cancer.

“At the beginning of April I wrote a piece for the Guardian. If you haven’t read it, the headline pretty much sums it up: “Terminal cancer means I won’t see the other side of lockdown”. Given the pandemic and the announcement of shielding for vulnerable people, I thought I wouldn’t be able to live out my last few months in the way I’d imagined. It seemed like I would be stuck alone, with no light at the end of the tunnel, and without the comfort of friends or family.”  wrote on


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Annie wrote 
I’m in bits after reading this, the tears are trickling down my face. In January my niece (aged 35) lost her husband to cancer. Now my nephew is nursing his wife (aged 38) who has terminal cancer. The world is sometimes a cruel place. This young man has written so eloquently.

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@PeterEgan6 wrote 
This article is incredibly positive, despite the tragic circumstances. The most any of us can hope for as the conveyor belt runs out is to be able to say, “I’ve lived a lifetime”. Elliott is an example to us all & I wish him the very best for the future, however long that may be.

JD Richmond wrote 
The fragility of life…I think of the magnificent Chadwick Boseman gone too soon, & the many lives he touched so brilliantly w/his talent & persona. Gratitude &enjoying life.. We can only take the love in our heart when we go. Thank you for sharing this…

European Link Coalition wrote 
What is also so amazingly beautiful is to see so many others ‘connect’ with him… with his feelings. This is the very essence of our shared humanity… with the feelings of others. Wonderful to see !

Jade James wrote 
What this amazing man says about aging is only too true. Aging is seen by society as almost shameful. A dying 31 year old puts it into perspective…..we should be thankful for every day spent getting older, it’s a privilege denied to far too many.

Boycey wrote 
He’s my husband’s nephew. An incredible young man. His bravery is immense. The fact that he’s the same age as our children and grew up with family camps every year makes it especially hard to countenance. Still picture him racing around playing games with all the cousins
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@BonniedaWestie wrote 
It was hard to read thru the tears. 1 in a million humans get this kind of cancer, he is truly 1 in a million, a special human being. His words will inspire many. Bonnie had the same cancer which led to Cushings and SARDS. The world will be a poorer place without Elliot.

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SparklesMissCrowleyDizzy wrote 

Thank you for sharing this. I wish everyone would read it, and take and practice some salient guidance from such a generous telling. The writer is one of those we wish we had longer. bless him.

TK wrote 
Great piece written in such sad circumstance. I wish him happiness and minimal pain as he completes his final journey. Live every day for that day, for nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Rest in peace sweet man, leaving far too soon Face throwing a kiss


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  1. ak

    I think you’ll find that the news want a hoax at all. Elliot, as The Guardian reported, died a few hours after the publication of the second article, on Monday, Sept 7.


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