Update : Missing Austin Woman Heidi Broussard Found Dead.

By admin | December 17, 2019

CRIME : (MARKET NEWS) – Heidi Broussard and her daughter Margot Carey have been missing since Thursday. Margot, who was born Nov. 26, turned three weeks old Tuesday.

Heidi Broussard and her 2-week-old were last seen at Cowan Elementary School around 7:50 a.m.


A body believed to be that of a missing Texas mother was found Thursday night near Houston, while her newborn has been discovered alive, a family member told NBC News.

Tammy Broussard said early Friday that police told her a body found in Jersey Village, Texas, is likely that of her daughter, Heidi Broussard, who has been missing for a week. According to a report by NBC News, Read full story

Our previous report .

Here’s something interesting, a man claiming he received an email from Heidi’s former lover and the possible father of her baby. The email describes Shane as obsessive toward Heidi.

So one theory is that Heidi sat Shane down and told him the baby wasn’t his, or maybe this same guy reached out to Shane and told him that, leading to a discussion with Heidi that got out of hand. If so, we can imagine that he snapped and killed both her and the baby that wasn’t his.

I have to believe there would be some forensic evidence, something in the house or his vehicle, if there is any validity to this theory.

AUSTIN (NEXSTAR/KXAN) — Austin Police will provide an update on the case of a missing mom and her infant daughter at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Update : Missing Austin Woman Heidi Broussard Found Dead.

APD has a 1 PM (central time, I presume) press conference to provide an update.

One thing I’m certain of: No word from Heidi since last Thursday means she and the baby are likely dead. The only exception to that I can think of is that she arranged with someone to pick them up and take them to safety.

Except she left her son in school with no plan to get him; and except that she’d have no reason to stay silent this long, once she was safe and could tell her story.

I’m not optimistic about that angle, wrote Walt Bennett on Facebook.

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