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Texas A&M University Shooting leaves Two Dead.

Houston (MARKET NEWS) : There are media reports that two people has died after a shooting incident at Texas A&M University. Two people were killed Monday and a third person was injured in a shooting at a dorm on the Commerce campus of Texas A&M University northeast of Dallas. Students, faculty and staff are instructed… Read More »

YNW Melly Reportedly Shot to Death , Its a Hoax.

YNW Melly Reportedly Shot to Death , Its a Hoax. Another conspiracy theory circulating on social media is that American rapper YMW Melly has died. Jamell Maurice Demons, known professionally as YNW Melly, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Gifford, Florida. He is best known for his songs “Murder on My Mind”, “Mixed… Read More »

Gun Violence : NJ Montclair High School on Lock-down.

The Montclair High School is on lockdown after it was reported that a student brought a gun into school. The school building in being searched for safety of teachers and students. Some students was out of the premises for lunch and did not make it back to the school upon hearing of the lockdown. Some… Read More »