Barbara Hepworth Death : Google Doodle Celebrates Modernist Sculptor.

By | September 27, 2020

Barbara Hepworth Death : Google Doodle Celebrates Modernist Sculptor.

Today August  25, 2020 Google Doodle celebrates modernist sculptor Barbara Hepworth
Her work, which employed direct carving, epitomizes the modernism style.

Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth who was an English sculptor is celebrated today. Along with other artists such as Ben Nicholson and Naum Gabo, Hepworth was a prominent figure in the artist colony who resided in St Ives, Cornwall, during World War II.

Who is Barbara Hepworth ?

Dame Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth DBE was an English artist and sculptor. Her work exemplifies Modernism and in particular modern sculpture. Along with artists such as Ben Nicholson and Naum Gabo, Hepworth was a leading figure in the colony of artists who resided in St Ives during the Second World War.


Vici Martynov wrote 

Well today Google celebrates the unique Barbara Hepworth and for some reason the pillar of our Art society Waldemar @JANUSZCZAK is strangely silent whilst rightly trumpeting female surrealists; perhaps its because she didn’t go to Oxbridge?

Dani Leigh Newton wrote 

I love that Google Doodle is celebratory of Dame Barbara Hepworth. A british artist from Wakefield, I remember my Hepworth obsession in college and wanting to pursue sculpting. Alas, I haven’t the talent for it.

Hyper wrote 
The Google Doodle today highlights Barbara Hepworth, who seems to have distilled a core creative fundamental of mine in a very succinct quote:

“I found one had to do some work every day, even at midnight, because either you’re professional or you’re not.”

Foldster wrote 
Glad to see Barbara Hepworth as today’s featured person on Google!

I draw a lot of inspiration from her work, especially her sculptures with holes and internal structure!


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