Barry Washington Death – Obituary News: video exists having to do with the killing of Barry Washington of Bend.

By | September 23, 2021
Barry Washington was a 22 year old Black man who lived in Bend Oregon. He was senselessly murdered in the streets of Downtown Bend this last Saturday night 9/18.
He moved to Bend to be safe.
His murderer is out on bail. He is out on a 10k bond. Only charged with 2nd degree Manslaughter.
Ian Cranston works for Nosler in Bend. He manufactures bullets. Ian’s social media is full of homophobic speech, casual use of the N word and desperation when it comes to women. He states he owns an AR-15. From what we can gather he has a concealed carry and was drinking while carrying.
He currently lives in Redmond Oregon and is a threat to our BIPOC community.
What can you do? Demand justice.
Email DA Hummel.
He needs to prove his statements in the past about making sure BIPOCs are safe in the community were not just performative.
Ian Cranston needs to be in jail and charged to the fullest extent of the law.
Email Chief Krantz.
Make sure his department and the city are fully transparent to the family and our town.
Email Sally Russell and city council.
“This never happens in Bend” happened on the corner of Wall and Oregon.
Urge them to urge the DA and Krantz to be transparent. Rise to the occasion and center the impacted. Reach out to Black led local groups.
Show up for the family.
Emails in comments.
Time to pull up Bend Oregon.
Barry and his family deserve and demand justice.

Central Oregon Peacekeepers is in Bend, Oregon. 7h  · *BREAKING NEWS* This morning, the Peacekeepers were made aware of the fact that video exists having to do with the killing of Barry Washington. We know some of what is on that video, but will not be discussing it further at this time. We also know that the video has now been made available to the District Attorney. One thing we would like to make abundantly clear right now and for the future is that Bend Police had absolutely nothing to do with obtaining this video. They could have…but they didn’t. It should surprise nobody that the Bend Police Department is proving to be far from up to the task of investigating the murder of a young Black man. We are calling for this video to be made immediately available to the family of Barry Washington. #justiceforBarry #LLBJ #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname #inbend

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Statement regarding Barry Washington Jr. from Bend City Councilors:
We mourn the loss of Barry Washington Jr., who was killed this weekend in Downtown Bend. He was a son, a friend, and a member of this community. We must dig deep and examine ourselves and the systems and culture that have brought us to the point where a young person is shot and killed in our downtown. Gun violence is a routine part of life in other places. We do not accept it here. Mr. Washington’s death was totally preventable. We call on the community to come together and focus on how we can prevent these tragedies from happening in the city we all love. We call for justice and support for Mr. Washington’s family as they grieve this tragic loss.
This message was endorsed by:
Rita Schenkelberg
Sally Russell (Mayor)
Megan Perkins
Melanie Kebler
Gena Goodman Campbell
Barb Campbell
Anthony Broadman
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