Bay Area Earthquake Oct 14 2019 : 2.5 Magnitude Earthquake Pleasant Hill California.

By admin | October 15, 2019

Bay Area Earthquake Oct 14 2019 : 2.5 Magnitude Earthquake Pleasant Hill California.

Bay Area Earthquake Oct 14 2019 : Massive Earthquake Pleasant Hill California.

A massive 2.5 in magnitude earthquake shook the Bay Area of San Francisco last night.

Two earthquakes struck near Pleasant Hill Monday night within minutes of each other.

The first quake was 2.5 in magnitude.

The second quake struck minutes later and clocked in at 4.5.

The larger quake struck at 10:33 p.m., according to officials.

The quake was earlier recorded at 4.7, but downgraded.

No damage or injuries have been reported in Contra Costa County as of 11:24 p.m., according to the county sheriff.

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Sabrina Pérez I live in pleasant hill – I was on a business phone call & the dude was still talking while the earthquake was happening & I was like ARE YOU FEELING THIS EARTHQUAKE ?!?!?! & the terrible part is that I didn’t cover my head I literally just sat down & looked at my front door like wooow so much for those earthquake drills we practiced in school & at work.

Marianne Pedley Chandelier swaying two minutes after earthquake. I live in southwest corner of pleasant hill, next block over is lafayette and next block over the other direction is Walnut Creek. Off the top of Geary rd. I was lying on sofa with two little maltese dogs asleep on my lap. Felt like I was right on top of it. Heard rumbling. House cracking pictures banging against the wall. Didn’t get scared until the dogs woke up and started barking. I was trying to keep my balance on the rolling sofa and trying to keep the dogs from falling off the sofaHide or report thisJanel King It woke me up from a lovely sleep! We both popped up out of bed and went to check on Spence out in the back little house! Everyone okay and the house okay. It lasted about 10 seconds which always seems a little long…rockin’ and rollin’ in the burbs!

Char Char Leon My daughter’s felt it in S.F. , MY son felt it in Daly City, we live in Burlingame and felt nothing, we were in bed trying to doze off and my phone started ringing asking if we felt it. I think we are on a good solid rock because we didn’t feel it.

Patricia Reilly The epicenter WAS right under my house. Heard this huge BOOM explosion, then intense up and down shaking for at most 10 seconds. I just sat on the couch looking at the TV screen and not a single thing moved or fell, though I could hear the house boards ramming and ramming. It’s very different when you’re farther away from the epicenter and sway more. I know that the soil under my house has 2 aquifers and lots of sand. When the Vallejo quake happened I had intense blue-white lightning flashes, which probably was from the quartz compressed so intensely.

Josselynn Ramirez My house shook scary. It was like a wave. First one wall then the closet then my bathroom in the opposite side of the house.
We had no idea what was happening it felt different than any other earthquake.

Jason Campos I am in Martinez off Alhambra and my house moved front to back hard all drawers blew open in kitchen all my pictures fell off walls cracked concrete outside yard. Wow it literally felt like someone moving my house front to back a foot at a time.

Amanda Putsher Kidsfirst I filter here in San Francisco it was a light Shake I thought it was my cats jumping on my bed but I have forgot to put them in the bathroom to use the bathroom. It felt like a 3.2 here very quick may be lasted 1, 2 seconds

Julie Scalabrini Not sure why, but it felt like it was right under my house in Martinez. It was horribly strong. Huge jolt and rattling, up and down type motion. Most freaked out I have felt on an EQ, and I have lived here a long time.
Family and Neighbors have a lot of glass on floor, pictures knocked off my walls. I cannot stop shaking and crying. This was just really bad.

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