Ben Best Death – Obituary News: Co-Creator of ‘Eastbound & Down,’ Passed Away.

By | September 13, 2021

Ben Best Death – Obituary News: Co-Creator of ‘Eastbound & Down,’ Passed Away.

We are sad to report that Ben Best, the co-creator of HBO’s “Eastbound & Straight down” who as well played Clegg on the series, has died at the age of 46., according to the following statements posted on social media on September 12. 2021.

@ruby.inthedust wrote

A few days ago we lost #benbest to the cosmos. He was one of my very favorite people on this planet. One of the kindest, most generous, gracious human beings I’ve ever met. He brought so much warmth, so much laughter and poignancy, always looking at the stars, willing to watch the fireflies, giving the best birthday presents ever, creating collective laughter so hard you couldn’t breathe. We’d go on late night trips to see the watusi hiding in the southern Appalachia ghetto.

We’d carve pumpkins and eat feasts. Every time he was around, every time he came over and ate dinner or we went to see a movie it was something special. I’ve never met anyone who created such strong and true memories in the seemingly mundane.

I’ve always hated this pic, foz loves it though. Half way in laughter, face bunched up, slamming the shit out of salsa, Ben and foz walking in circles around the counter top, cracking jokes a mile a minute. Surrounded by two men in my life that brought pure unadulterated happiness to me, it felt like home. He always made it feel like home, but the best was when he sank into the comfort too, how easy and smooth it all came out, the laughter and beauty and fears and understanding, how bright he made the world. This one is a real hard one to swallow. I don’t know how dealing with the hole he’s gonna leave will be, but it’s gonna be rough. Love you Ben ❤️❤️❤️ always gonna

Who is Ben Best ?

Best co-created “Eastbound & Straight down” with very long time writing companions Jody Hill and Danny McBride, who starred seeing as Kenny Powers, a good washed up former specialist baseball pitcher who returns to his hometown middle institution to instruct physical education.

He also appeared found in eight episodes seeing as Clegg, the town’s drugged up native bartender and Kenny’s longtime good friend.

Before teaming up for “Eastbound & Straight down,” Best, Hill and McBride co-wrote “The Feet Fist Method,” a low-spending budget dark comedy that later on garnered a cult pursuing.  McBride starred as Fred Simmons, a Taekwondo instructor coping with marital problems and an harmful obsession with B film action celebrity Chuck “The Pickup truck” Wallace, played by Greatest.

Greatest also wrote the film “Your Highness” with McBride, who also starred alongside Natalie Portman, James Franco, Rasmus Hardiker, Toby Jones, Justin Theroux and Zooey Deschanel, and he appeared in films including “Superbad,” “WHAT GOES ON found in Vegas,” “Observe and Statement” and “Property of the Lost.”

Seth Rogen, who caused Best on “Superbad” and “Observe and Statement,” paid tribute to Best on Twitter, writing, “RIP Ben Best. I recall viewing him as Chuck The Pickup truck in Foot Fist Method and thinking ‘I need to work with this guy.’ I’m honored I acquired function with him, and much more thus and that I got eventually to go out with him and you need to be in his organization. Watch Foot Fist Method today and bask in his genius.”

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