Bishop Iona Locke Death -Obituary – Dead : Bishop Iona Locke has Died .

By | December 18, 2020

Bishop Iona Locke Death -Obituary – Dead : Bishop Iona Locke has Died .

Bishop Iona Locke has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 18. 2020.

I waited until I got proof/word that many of the family, the church, and organization knew before I made any post. And…

Posted by Larry Reid Live on Friday, December 18, 2020

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Larry Reid Live wrote

I waited until I got proof/word that many of the family, the church, and organization knew before I made any post. And now i see it online. If you black and in church you know her. We have lost one of the most prolific preachers who changed the context and substance of preaching worldwide. Bishop Iona Locke has passed. Man this a gut punch. Pray for her entire natural and spiritual family. What was your most memorable Iona Locke message or saying?

Ericka Edwards wrote
Lord hamercy NOOOO!!!!! This is such a great loss, not only to Detroit but the entire body of Christ! Rest in God’s arms, Dr. Locke!

Wealthy Lisa Cora wrote
Yes she was a nonsense preacher, she called it out as it is SIP MY respect and condolences to her entire family around the globe ,,she did make a DENT ENEMY Kingdom

Ray Flores wrote
Wow I remember when she would come to our church in Los Angeles (Greater Bethany Community Church) now City of Refuge. One of my favorite preachers, will be missed for sure.

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Phillip Bryant wrote
Oh my goodness!! Rest well Bishop Locke! One of the best to ever do it!

Jeremy Graham wrote
Favorite sermon was Praise Ye the Lord, preached at the Full Gospel convention. Shortly afterwards, Bishop Morton and several others blackballed her ministry.
Rest in Power.

Courtnei Ellison McDaniel wrote
I’m so sad to hear this. Praying for her family and all she’s touched through her ministry.

Erica DeLoney wrote
“ He was Oppressed and Afflicted yet he Opened Not his Mouth” in her Oratorical Intro To Worthy is the Lamb Slain on the Ron Winans Recording.

Elle Symms wrote
My condolences to her family, church family and friends.. This year is too much .

Julie Koger
O.M.G. !!!!! Sorry to hear this. I’ve followed her ministry since she was with Bishop Norman Wagner in Ohio.

Staci Sconiers wrote
Bishop Jordan told us there were going to be some major prominent voice deaths…..CHURCH…….Praying for her Family & the church body

Anita Faye Wilson wrote
Awww man!!! I brought her to a church I was serving in years ago for a women’s conference. What a loss. My fav was “Tell Hell I’m Not Coming!!

DrNikki Grant wrote
In a message she was describing what the saints do she said: They just eating and greeting and eating and meeting and greeting!

Tameeka T Alexander wrote
Wow, Rest Well Bishop Locke. Your walked inspired mine over the years. Thabk you for your service to the Kingdom.

Lucretia T Doyle wrote
I’m in the church but never heard of her before. Prayers to her family, the church body and everyone she has touched.

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Charlese Gibbs wrote
Lord Noooi! She preached a sermon on Terumah in Savannah GA that changed my life!

Rana Terrell wrote
I’m so sad to see this. My prayers and condolences are for her family, loved ones, and congregation.

Burnadette Owens wrote
No….I love her ministry. She was a preacher ot substance.

Clifford Kelley wrote
Obviously her most Hallmark sermon was There Is A Place Called Hell. I remember her coming up under Bishop Wagner in Youngstown. She is another that will greatly be missed.

Pamela K. Williams wrote
So sad to hear this. May peace and comfort hold her family and loved ones tight.

Doc Keith Ivy wrote
One of my favorite preachers of alltime! I will really miss her

De’Shon T. Whitaker wrote
Sendiing Prayers and love to her family and church family. What an amazing woman of God!!! .

Bernita Jackson wrote
My sincerest condolence and prayers are extended to the family.

Clyde Douglas wrote
Lord Jesus!! Rest well Bishop! I have been truly blessed by your ministry!

Zondra Taylor wrote
Her Grace, will be sorely missed. Love and prayers towards my Abyssinia family ♥️

April Gregory wrote
Sending prayers to the family and congregation.

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