Bo Katan Dead : The Difficult Choice THE MANDALORIAN’s Bo-Katan Now Faces.

By | December 19, 2020

Bo Katan Dead : The Difficult Choice THE MANDALORIAN’s Bo-Katan Now Faces.

Star Wars Chapter 16. Now Streaming.

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Pretty sure that’s the end of Mandalorian and all the other series being done will now take its place. Even the ending credits made it feel like the actual end with no season 3.

It’s already announced. Season 3 for December 2021. Besides, Bo Katan will be probably dead or injured enough in order to reclaim the dark saber. Ergo, Din is the only one who can reclaim the throne of Mandalore. I see almost 2 or 3 season in that arc.

Veronica Dempsey wrote

Wait, can we not make comments about how I’m relieved that Mando dad bod is canon? No more negative comments, but how about a positive one? I am really loving the all inclusiveness that Disney is bringing. How many of us Mandos cosplayers stare at the tiny waist Mandos, look at ourselves and cringe. For that matter they’re letting our Mandos age like Bo-Katan. I am loving how it’s going to pull in so many people who never saw themselves in the characters who were usually young, small and beautiful. Now we get to see grace and age slowly take its place in Star Wars. Thank you Disney. This is definitely the way.

Krista Moyls
Temuera Morrison made all you big guys realize big guys are powerful and sexy, you don’t have to have a six pack, slim hips and a tiny waist. Solid bodies and thick legs have always been attractive, they make your partner feel protected.

Luke Beardall
As a plus sized big and tall guy I think there are ways to make any outfit work (including Mando armor). Paz Vizsla and the new Boba have shown that us big guys belong in this Mando universe.

Laura Roberts
Yes! As a lover of all body types, I’m so excited to see “dad bod” Boba! Cosplay is for everyone, and the characters should be too!

Ronnie Tatum
I’ve never seen this be a problem with the mercs, it’s always been very inclusive, but yes it’s nice to see this in the show, especially those of us who were 11 when Boba Fett became our favorite character and are now well into dad bod mode.

Matthew Hunt
Typically I’m not a fan of forcing viewpoints like I feel most television has done, but this and “schitts creek” have done an excellent job of giving a perfect view of LIFE. Everybody isn’t the same, they never have been and they never will be. This is most natural inclusion of diversity that I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t feel forced and it allows the characters to feel REAL. I love it.

Isaias Carranza
But there has always been plus sized cosplayers tho even more than slim cosplayers

Caleb F. Powell
That’s partially why I did Vader first, I’m on the small side for Vader, and I’m not far in anyone’s book… That I know of, but I’m bigger than average and I can decently fill out the costume. That’s why I want a Din and a new Boba costume.

Kyle Sowards
Everyone thinks fitness is being tone and cut. I say look at strongmen competitors. Tell me or them that they are not fit and you will find out how weak you truly are.

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