Boxing Deaths 2019 Video Update : Patrick Day Knockout by Charles Conwell led to His Death.

By admin | October 16, 2019

boxing deaths 2019 Video Update : Patrick Day Knockout by Charles Conwell led to His Death.

Friends and families are paying tributes on social media to Beloved Boxer Patrick Day, 27, who died four days after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the ring.

The news was confirmed Wednesday by promoter DiBella Entertainment, listing “traumatic brain injury” as the cause of death.

Day underwent emergency surgery after being rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after getting viciously knocked out in the 10th round by Charles Conwell on Saturday.

His promoter Lou DiBella said in a statement: “Patrick Day passed away today, October 16, 2019, succumbing to the traumatic brain injury he suffered in his fight this past Saturday, October 12, at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL.

The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.


Saul Pagan Wow i still cant believe it.. so young and such a nice guy who had a great future ahead of him and i saw big things for him and now this.. so heart breaking… rip brotha may you fight along side god and his angels condolences to the family..

Xavier Zerangue You. Don’t. PLAY. BOXING. And I mean that in the most CONSIDERATE and SYMPATHETIC way possible. This is very unfortunate and heartbreaking, but this is why I RESPECT boxers more than ANY other athletes in professional sports. You can literally lose your life. #RIPCHAMP

Michael McInerney Heartbreaking.
This is why no boxer should ever be disrespected.
They put their lives on the line to entertain us boxing fans.
RIP Top Man, my thoughts are with his family and friends…

Lisa M Sigley I admit to knowing virtually nothing about the sport of boxing, but I still can’t help but wonder why helmets aren’t mandatory, especially given what we know about traumatic brain injury. Not placing blame, but just wondering.

Keith Carey This isn’t meant to be sarcastic, but he went down swinging. He fought to the end! He gave it his all and went out doing something he loved. I’m really sorry for his family, friends and team and the team of the opponent. I know he was feeling serious remorse. RIP PATRICK DAY!

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