Brad Allan Death – Obituary News :Martial artist Brad Allan has died .

By | September 10, 2021

Brad Allan Death – Obituary News :Martial artist Brad Allan has died .

We are sad to report that Brad Allan  has passed away, We learn of the death of Brad Allan at the age of 48. He was a talented stuntman, choreographer and martial artist who had his heyday in Gorgeous when he faced Jackie Chan. His death was announced on social media on  August 6. 2021.

Martial Arts Action Cinema 1h  · Unbelievably sad news today. There are unconfirmed reports circulating that martial artist, action choreographer, stunt performer and actor #BradAllan has passed away at the age of 48. Taken way too soon. May he rest in peace. His final project is the upcoming Marvel Studios Shang-Chi

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Robert Martin wroteHe shall be missed and I send my condolences. He was amazing. I remember seeing him in Gorgeous when I was young and was like whoa he stands toe to toe with Jackie Chan. Such and amazing man.Rocc NuuyokeBeing a hard-core martial arts action film fan, I am deeply hurt by this!!! This is a massive massive wound that’s going to take years to heal from for the martial arts film communityDan Delts
Shocking news. So young and with a young family left behind too. Condolences to his family.

John Camps
Never heard of him and given that reel I’m so surprised, massive talent and huge loss. Will be checking out some of his material in commemoration for sure.

Rocc Nuuyoke
I am definitely definitely more than ever looking forward to seeing his work on.

Jeff Hoppy
I wasn’t familiar with his work prior to this but after watching this video, and seeing how incredibly talented he was, I will be watching some tonight.

Antony Pass
OMG just watched him in gorgeous what an amazing actor and fighter

Abdulkariim Nathan Barker
I rem when he fought jet li or was it jacki chan
Man was long time ago but for a little dude he could move

Ethon Burns
Incredibly sad! He’s one of my all time favorite stunt men as well as comedic fighters. The guy was truly incredible!

Gerard Zagumny
Omg, that is very sad to hear. After seeing him in Gorgeous I always hoped to meet him at one point. He will definitely be missed.

Nathan Tasker
He was a wonderful martial artist who will definitely be sadly missed. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Grayson McLean
Aussie boy, will be missed. For a small man he had a big martial arts presence on screen.

Felix Kusuma
RIP to Brad Allan.
Actually me and many of my friends who are following your channel hope that Brad will feature in your Art of Action show. It’s very unfortunate this will never happen.

Antoine Moore
Condolences to the family and friends!!!! He seems like a BADASS stuntman/actor. I’d done research of his work from most of his films he’s done. Especially, his upcoming film “Shang-Chi”, which I’m EXTREMELY looking forward to. R.I.P.!!

Chiante Byron Greene
I first noticed him in the two awesome fight scenes from Gorgeous. But after you got his face memorized you realized he’s been in Jackie Chan fight scenes for decades. So many times when Jackie was fighting multiple guys Brad was one of them. He even did all the faster paced kicking scenes for the martial artist that Jackie Chan fought on the roof in “who am I”.

Sebastien Domitin
Condolences to his family, his passing away is all of a sudden, we will always remember that scene with Jackie Chan, he was fast and so precise!!!

Duc Nguyen
That’s so sad! I loved his fight with JC in Gorgeous! That triple kicks was amazing! RIP!

James Kross
What happened, I loved watching him being not the tallest guy myself it was inspiring

Scottie Thornton
Loved watching this fight in “Gorgeous” I like how his character enjoyed fighting.

Alfonso Romero
Oh man this is sad. His fight scenes with Jackie Chan in gorgeous are among my favorites. My heart is broken for his family.

Kristopher Lee
I haven’t seen ANYTHING “official” about this anywhere. He was recently working as the Supervising Stunt co-ordinator and 2nd unit director for Marvel’s upcoming Shang Chi movie.

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Bradley James Allan Death Fact Check
Bradley is alive and kicking and is currently 48 years old.
Please ignore rumors and hoaxes.

Suzie Mason
Gosh, man, he was the pinnacle of perfection. Tons of us fans will miss the hell out of him.

Richard Johnson
So sad. His scene with Jackie Chan in Gorgeous remains one of the all time best.

Gonzalo Leyva
Me and my friend Lupillo did the choreographie, the one the he does with Jackie, we kick and jump punch, my friend and I did this many time around 2001, my friend Lupillo also past away this year, I hope in heaven he gets to meet Brad may he rest in peace. ;(

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