Brandon Bernard Death Penalty : 40-year-old African-American, is to be put to death at a prison in Terre Haute, Indiana

By | December 11, 2020

Brandon Bernard Death Penalty : 40-year-old African-American, is to be put to death at a prison in Terre Haute, Indiana

Channels Television  8 hrs  · Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old African-American, is to be put to death at a prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, for his role in a 1999 double murder in Texas committed when he was 18 years old.

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Delison Tanko wrote
It’s not Trump administration that is executing the man, it’s the justice system of the State of Texas executing the man. There are States where capital punishment do not exist. Why put it on Trump? Was he there when the man committed the crime? It’s unfortunate but it’s the law of the State. Why not talk to the governor for clemency? Must everything be put on Trump?

De Cool P wrote
Channels tv, can you talk about buhari or anyone in the Nigerian government the way you talk about Trump. Shame on you. Na liar Muhammad fit you people

Eze Charles wrote
@channels tv Nigeria problem is worst than this, insecurity in Nigeria, today Nigeria police shoot and killed innocent civilian because of #100, keep posting it tell Buhari that his government sucks blood of Nigeria citizens

Nwigwe Ekene wrote
That’s how a workable nation suppose to be unlike capital poverty called Nigeria.

Suxces Samuels wrote
Channels Television is irritating and a disgrace to media forum. Stop persecuting trump now. He is not the judge who sentenced him to death over 20 years ago.

Jibrin Barau wrote
Shame on channels. He committed the crime that attracted this sentence. Why not report the activities of the murderous bandits, herdsmen and boko haram going on undeterred in the north. No, it is the report of a murderer sentenced to death by an American court that is tickling your mischievous hearts.

George Kings wrote
Tell all these uneducated journalists that parade themselves around that it’s not the Trump administration but the judicial system of the country

Tochukwu Teemore Mbachu wrote
Crazy channel. Can’t you focus on your invisible president that can’t appear, address his poeple and take live questions.
You are busy following up international politics.… See More

Uneke A Emmanuel II wrote
Nigerian government would have done worse stop making the guy looks bad…leave their judicial system alone

Ebuka Scotney Martin wrote
Death penalty in America is not death penalty in Nigeria, no body is killing him, even the treatment he will get in prison is better than been free in Nigeria.

Ojonta Martin Chuks wrote
The way Channel dey carry trump matter for head like gala,if it fit carry buhari matter half of wetin him dey talk about Trump,naija for don’t better.

Paschal Chisom Uzomah wrote
How does it concern Trump? I think executions are carried out in state level. Something is wrong with your reporting

Youpele Jnr wrote
Channel television has failed the whole Nation and this mustn’t be tolerated. This is hatred! How does this concern the humble Trump, tell me?

Patterson Nnamani wrote
He did not get the death penalty because he went to church on Sunday. He got it because he did something horrible. Double murder in Texas. He should go meet the people he killed, for final judgement before God.

Sunday Ajomson wrote
So channel TV what is our business with somebody that committed double murder. Should we Nigerians with our plenty problems cry because a murderer is about to get the result of his actions.

Henry BoBo wrote
Please focus on the Nigerian state and allow the US deal with theirs

Ayaah Katah wrote
Bihari media… How many did Buhari massacre at Lekki?… One head (poor deke driver) has been brought from the South in PH to the northern IGP as he requested when he came on air to admonish his men to use their weapons on civilians….did you report that?.

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