Brent Yonts Death – Obituary News : .Rep. Brent Yonts lost his bout with COVID.

By | September 10, 2021

Brent Yonts Death – Obituary News : .Rep. Brent Yonts lost his bout with COVID.

We are sad to report that Rep. Brent Yonts passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on August 21. 2021.

Charles Booker  18h  · A small act of kindness can change someone’s life. Today, as Kentuckians mourn the passing of Rep. Brent Yonts who lost his bout with COVID, I am reminded of the time he showed me kindness when I needed it most. In his honor, let me share this story… A few years back, I was a Legislative Analyst for Kentucky’s Legislative Research Commission. I was one of the few Black staffers in the state capitol, and I didn’t come from politics. I was excited to be there, but I felt alone. I worked on the Government Contract Review Committee, and was trying to find my voice in a place that made me feel like I didn’t belong. On that committee, was Rep. Brent Yonts. Rep. Yonts was one of the smartest legislators in Frankfort. When he stood on the House Floor or spoke in committee, he demanded attention. Not to mention, he was one of the best dressed legislators. He had blazers in every color, and his ties were incredible! I respected his colorful attire. He was making sure that legislators couldn’t ignore him or his district. I wanted to do that for my community, and represent for Kentuckians who felt invisible. So the next time I saw him, I asked if he had an old tie I could wear. Rep. Yonts asked me if I liked the tie he had on, and told me he would see what he could do. The next day, he brought a bag with over 20 ties to my office, including that one he had on the day before. When he left the office, I cried. He gave me so much more than a tie. At a time when I was questioning if someone like me belonged in the halls of government, he reaffirmed that I did. He saw me, and believed in me. I put the tie on, and resolved to shine my light and give my all for the people of Kentucky. Years later, when I won my race to become State Representative for Kentucky’s 43rd District. I wore the tie he gave me. I’ll wear it when I win next year too. Rep. Yonts, thank you for letting a kid from the hood know that I mattered. Thank you for your leadership, your care, and your kindness. I pray for the Yonts family, and our Commonwealth as we fight to get through this pandemic. Rest in Strength, Sir. 1.4K1.4K 58 Comments 139 Shares Like Comment Share

Source: (20) Charles Booker – Posts | Facebook

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Jessica Tardio Cullen
Thank you for this story! Brent has long been a family friend. I consider his family my family. I hope the world can channel his kindness and spread it to others.
RIPCharlie Meredith
I grew up in Brent’s hometown, a few streets over. He was my Sunday school teacher. I haven’t known him since I was a kid, but I remember his kindness and how much of an impact he made on our community. He was a hugely respected figure and everyone thought the world of him, Republican or Democrat. I’m crushed to hear of his passing from COVID, something I know he worked so hard to guard his community against. He was truly one of a kind (the blazers and ties said it all). Rest In Peace Brent.

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Dianne Antrobus Toll
Thanks , Charles Booker… what a wonderful tribute to share .

Victoria Elizabeth
Thank you so much for sharing this story and giving us all a little more insight to the great men that you both are!
My deepest condolences to you, his family and friends, and everyone that loved him.

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