Brian Fletcher Death – Obituary : Brian Thomas Fletcher has Died.

By John Okoro | April 8, 2021

Brian Fletcher Death – Obituary  : Brian Thomas Fletcher has Died.

Brian Thomas Fletcher has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on April 7. 2021.

Carol Barlow is with Brian Thomas Fletcher and 2 others . 1d  · DEVASTATED. Tragic and so sad. My friend Dr. Brian Thomas Fletcher passed away yesterday. He was my and many others Hero. A Brilliant man. One of my favorite people on this planet. I was sick with a bad cough years ago. I went into the ER. The doctor walked in. It was him. In 2 minutes of meeting him I said to him. “HAVE you been on TV?” You should be on TV you are a superstar!!!!!!. He was a bright beacon of light.!!!! I met a hero that day in the ER. He was a shining bright light of fun and laughter and he was so smart!!. I knew the second I met him he was special. I said you my new friend you are a STAR!!! For the entire world to know!!! I said the world needs to see your brilliance!! I got home that day and called my agent friend Paul and said I met this amazing doctor today that is so handsome and has the best personality. Not only is he saving lives but he is soooo fun!! He should have his own TV show! Paul and Dr. Brian met, Paul saw what I saw and signed him right away. The next “Dr. Oz” we all said!! Paul believed in him as I did. Dr. Brian worked so hard. He was excited. The covid OMG how hard to have to hold peoples dying hands. He was a true hero. He worked at St. Josephs in Burbank and out here in an urgent care in Santa Clarita. We became friends. Paul and I adored him. We ADORED him. Dr. Brian was the funniest person I have ever met. His Facebook posts every day made you laugh so hard and take your mind off the daily bad reality that he had to witness day after day. He was so handsome and sweet. SWEET! and so kind and so funny!!!!. SO SMART!! He was so excited to get headshots done. We spent time looking at each one to find the perfect headshot. They were all perfect cause he was that handsome and you could just tell from his photo how special he was. His personality was so fun. He glowed of specialness. He was one special person. He loved his doggie Louie. He loved his friends and his family!! I loved him. Paul loved him. He was just about to sign a development deal and to be shown at all networks. He had such a lovely family that I got to know his brother on facebook. The news of his passing caught everyone by surprise and shock and overwhelming sadness and loss. The world has lost one special person. One joy of light and beacon of humor and love. He made the world sparkle! He saved peoples lives, countless people. He was with people when they passed holding their hands when family couldn’t. He loved animals. It is a tragic tragic loss for the world. I will love you always Dr. Brian. There wasn’t one day I didn’t call you a hero. I will miss you. We will miss your laughter and brilliant sense of humor. Your kindness and your soul and your handsome you. May god watch over you forever. Prayers and love to you Dr. Brian and to your heartbroken family, co workers, friends and everyone you touched. Everyone that knew you. Loved you. Heartbroken. So sad. We love you Dr. Brian. XOOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOOXOOX 107107 87 Comments 1 Share Like Share

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