Death / Obituaries : Brody Ross of Georgia Involved in Car Accident

By | August 18, 2019

The family of Brody Ross is asking the general public for prayers and help to fund the medical expenses for Brody after he was involved in a car accident.

The family set up a fundraising campaign using the social platform, they family released the following statements.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Please please help us pray for a miracle. We got a call around 3:00 am that my brother, Brody Ross has been in a serious car accident and is seriously injured. He has been life flighted to a hospital in Wichita Kansas. Mom and Dad have left to drive there to be with Brody. Kim has spoken with the doctor and news is not good. They said he has Bruised lungs and trouble breathing so they had to incubate him. He has a broken back, brain injury, broken skull bones and still has not regained consciousness. Please please pray for Brody and safe travels for my parents. Please also be in prayer for the others in the car.

The gofundme link is here for anyone who want to make a donation to help the family.

Beloved Brody Ross’s family

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