Rashaun Jones arrested in 2006 murder of Bryan Pata : University of Miami Football Player Killed by Teammate

By | September 10, 2021

Rashaun Jones arrested in 2006 murder of Bryan Pata : University of Miami Football Player Killed by Teammate


Segment 4 MDPD Homicide detectives, with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals, have arrested Rashaun Jones in connection to the 2006 murder of Bryan Pata. According to the following statements posted on social media on August 20. 2021.

What Happened ?

Miami-Dade Police confirmed to NBC 6 that Rashaun Jones, who was a teammate with Pata from 2004 to 2006, was arrested Thursday in the Ocala area as part of a joint operation between the agency and U.S. Marshals.
Detectives say the 22-year-old Pata was walking from his car toward the stairs at the apartment building on Nov. 7, 2006 when he was shot in the back of the head at the complex located off Southwest 77th Avenue and 93rd Street.
Police said Pata and Jones had ongoing issues, with Pata allegedly beating Jones up during a physical altercation. Two months prior to the 2006 murder, Pata told his brother Edwin that Jones allegedly threatened to shoot him in the head. Pata did not report the threat, despite pleas from his brother to report the incident to then-football coach Larry Coker.

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Isaiah Benjamin Israel wrote
It be the ones you call friends. No such thing as friends only associates… Prayers for his familyTray Watson-m wrote
Clearly, yall either can’t comprehend OR just too lazy to read a 60 sec article. They were NOT friends. Pata and his killer were beefing for some time and they also had a physical fight .

Tiger Sho Nuff Lee wroteFriends or Enemies .. It is sad that 2 seemingly talented football players have lost their life and freedom over such a crazy situation.Williams Denby wrote
Everything was known I can’t understand why it took so long but God is still good justice will be served and his family can now get some closure from this horrible tragedyStacey Calixte wrote
Crazy cause the news network said that he was charged in the case. So ultimately it’s not closed.

Marc Cooper wrote
Referencing Marshals service doesn’t make your case stronger, what was the new evidence in the last months that made obtaining an arrest warrant warranted?

Barbara Cordova wrote
I remember going to work and hearing the news, I had to stop and park because I was crying my heart out! I never knew the young man; but it hurt the same way. Thanks God the homicide department found the killer. My respect goes to the police Dept and my love to Pata’s Family.

Lola Wheeler wrote
Thanks Miami Dade Homicide Department for the effort so the family can closed this sad chapter in their life that deeply affected them and our community. Justice works!

Dawn DiNatale wrote
Awesome work, as always, Miami Dade police Department Homicide Unit.

Tee Bethel wrote
15yrs too long when clearly you had a good lead from teammates & An ex girlfriend who knew I’m sure. (Given her 3 different mug shots and current prison stint she ain’t no saint) and cell phone tower records. Thankfully Family didn’t let it rest & Espn did a follow up investigation. Plus being Black Haitian immigrants… didn’t help. But great point person for mdpd.. oh man he is the best.. that dude could talk Jesus down from the cross.

Pearl Harris wrote
Thank you MDPD, as a proud retired person from this department.
Nothing gave me more joy than helping the community that need our help. Continue the good work


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