Brycen Hicks Death -Obituary – Dead : Brycen Hicks has Died .

By | December 15, 2020

Brycen Hicks Death -Obituary – Dead : Brycen Hicks has Died .

Brycen Hicks has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 14. 2020.

Quentin Batley 21 hrs  · I am writing this post after a long silence on social media due to the passing of one of my best friends from high school, Brycen Hicks. I can’t say that I have ever been affected in the same way by a passing as much as I have been by yours. You were not only one of my best friends in high school, but someone who changed my life forever. You were so funny, caring, easy-going, genuine, cool, and just absolutely great to be around. As I think of Brycen looking back, the main thing I can remember is his big teethy grin as he was always, always, always smiling in my memories. Unfortunately, with time we grew apart after high school and our friendship fell to the background as we started our adult lives. I believe the last time I spoke to Brycen face to face was at the alley-bi in Lincoln the night before Thanksgiving 2019, or some time around then. I remember looking him in the eyes at the bar as we both had that drunken sort of “well I’ll be damned, if it isn’t my old friend” type of face as we hadn’t seen each other for a while. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about, but I remember just how happy I was to see and catch up with my old friend again… even if it only was just for a moment. Although we grew apart, his death still pains me like I’ve lost a part of myself. We created a life-long friendship that I often think about and wish I could relive. Whether it was basketball, fishing, video games, chasing girls, classes in school, events, or anything we did together, I cherished every minute of our time and wished it would never end. This feeling of you still being here with me in my memories will never help to make the pain go away, but it will remind me that I have no regrets or negative emotions from the time we spent together. Although I wasn’t as close to Brycen as I wish I would’ve been during the time of his passing, I want to give my deepest and most warm sympathies to those who loved him and remained close to him. I mean no harm in posting this, but rather wish to use it as a way to express my complicated emotions and to connect to those who feel a similar way. I wish he could see how many lives he touched with his kindness and awesome character. I am truly going to miss your worldly presence, but I can still see your smile every time I think of you which makes me feel better. And to all my friends new or old: please call or message me at any time you want. I know it’s cliché, but I’m here for anything you need. 167167 9 Comments Like Share

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