Brygreatah Death -Obituary – Dead : Rapper Brygreatah Reportedly Shot in His Hometown, we are not sure he is dead.

By | September 13, 2021

Brygreatah Death -Obituary – Dead : Rapper Brygreatah Reportedly Shot in His Hometown, we are not sure he is dead.

Rising Philadelphia Rapper Brygreatah may has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 17. 2020.

Rising Philadelphia Rapper Brygreatah Reportedly Shot in His Hometown

Posted by VladTV – Breaking Urban News on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rising Philadelphia Rapper Brygreatah Reportedly Shot in His Hometown

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Aml Corleone wrote
Seems like everyday a rapper I ain’t heard about dies. That’s sad man. Games messed up these days. Rip young man.

Charles Stacker wrote
apparently he didn’t get the notice , rappers die in their hometown . so much for supporting your community

J.R. Wood wrote
Life imitates Art !
You get what you put in !
If you rep a culture of violence you reap a culture of violence!

Kurtis Braddy wrote
The dude aint even dead and y’all screaming r.i.p reading is fundamental .

Brian Mason wrote
Don’t make a post about his death if you weren’t posting about his music when he was alive.

Jay Cook wrote
Likely couldn’t pronounce his name and got into a argument

Matthew Turbeville wrote
It sucks that, in hip hop there are so many artists you don’t hear about until they get shot. I hope he’s alright and has a quick recovery.

Devin Johnson wrote
Who? I guess everyone that dies now is either a rapper or had covid19

Willard Smith wrote
Social media is driving this trend. When you getting on here talking tuff, telling your whereabouts and flashing all your cash what the fuq you think gonna happen.

Denise Linder wrote
Here we go again with people I haven’t heard of. At this point I might need to unfollow cause sheesh

Johnny Kash wrote
Seems like the rap industry is like throwing money at anybody to make hits. These rap names and getting more stranger. It’s like a new rapper comes out every hour. Hope he aight though.

Mark McClain wrote
I ain’t gona lie, most of the rappers thatz been killed thiz year, I’ve never heard of them,.but Rest In Peace.

Rondell Harris
So sad we just can’t get out of our own way or dudes be hating so much they rather shoot you for yourself success then go make a lane for themselves. Tired already

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Rob Smith
Not gonna lie. If he doesn’t die then Vlad gonna have him interviewed in a few months trying to find out what he’s finna say.

Dion B. Sanchez
Who said rappers alway die in they’re hometowns because of the haters?

Dominic Lagana
Sorry young fella got shot. Hope he makes it. But I did check his music out on YouTube..TRASH

Franklin Ben
Everybody that gets shot is an up and coming rapper on vladtv

Patrick Langhorne
These young “Rappers” need to pursue another career path.

Francis A Workman
Why do grown men have “beef”? Lol, it’s laughable.. only this genre of music has these kinds of outcomes.. You never hear of another kind of artist having “beef” with another.. ridiculous..

Term Chaz
You have to ask yourself. Is it worth keeping it 100? What is your life worth to you? Kids need to decide if they want to live a lifetime or for only a moment.

Toney Shelton
Like Boosie said rappers always get shot or killed in their hometown

David Moore
In the meaty portion of the thigh please i think some of em do it to get publicity

Theo Thompson
This is becoming so common it’s starting to become irritating. to that young man.

Ricky James

Torrence Anderson
Them dudes better be checking with Jake from State Farm before applying for them rappers jobs!

Donte O’Connor
How is 6-9 still alive!!??? Probably the EXACT same way vlad still is!!

Kenneth Lee Richardson
If you’re not making a living off rap, you’re not a rapper. If you work at a garage fixing cars but like to rap, you’re a mechanic. Stop trying to smear rap music.

Lopez Johnny
Know I understand why Tupac n Big got killed no wonder it ain’t Rocket Science it’s Open Season on Rappers it doesn’t matter if you a Big Timer or Small Timer

Steven Addison
Last night Lil Parking Lot was shot too….

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Mwandihi Edgar
Bossie once said, “you can’t be a rapper and a gangsta at tha same time, once a nigga rise and be a rapper he leaves all the gangshid to
that’s a fact, I think most these youngins stil mixing shits, how you acting a gangsta and a rapper an… See More

Davis Vo
I’m just wondering why all these nobody rappers are getting shot

Brendan Wright
Ron Lafreniere my buddy was telling me that 50 % of the music industry dies young and weird but makes sense so many artists die young

Pricktor Victor
They’re all rising or legends these days

Alfred Trejo
Well another one did that’s a shame
Can’t even rep now these days and get shot it’s not even worth it

Gary Andrews
This rap mess is lethal as corona they gone start keeping count everyday.

Brandon Anderson
I think these young rappers should find a new path cause yall dropping to fast at a young age, read a book or go to college instead

Robert Cook
Looks like one of the fish from spongebob

Frank Stephen
Who tf are these people you post about ? Fact: if you can’t pronounce their name even a little bit then they don’t exist

Christon M Martin
It’s always your own people that take u out!

Ron Lafreniere
I think more rappers died this year then people have died from the Coronavirus

Steve Smith
ok is it me or is there like a BILLION rappers walking around that I never heard of.

Enow Mbeng Sr.
A rapper is shot every single day? I hat has the rap game become?

C.j. Jackson
Wait…. does dude really have a Cuh haircut with dreads?

Izz Luciano
I’m from north philly? And who is he

Sega Tron
Built from a different cloth.

Destiny Turner
It just seems like vlad trying to set it as a TREND for rappers to get shot and or murdered I’m really starting not to like this dude like he promoting murders against these rappers because no one has heard of more than half these rappers and I know he has his ears to the streets but it has to be a little deeper than that it’s like he fishing for info of unknown rappers to set TREND for more murders against rappers smh.

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