Bryson and Brayden Mcdaniel Death – Obituary News : Twin 20-month-old boys were found dead inside a car in the parking lot of Sunshine house early learning academy.

By | September 10, 2021

Bryson and Brayden Mcdaniel Death – Obituary News : Twin 20-month-old boys were found dead inside a car in the parking lot of Sunshine house early learning academy.

We are sad to report that bryson and brayden mcdaniel  has passed away, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 3. 2021.

Twin 20-month-old boys were found dead inside a car in the parking lot of a South Carolina day care center, the Richland County coroner said. The discovery was made just after 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sunshine House Early Learning Academy in Blythewood. Emergency medical services arrived at the location roughly 10 minutes later and pronounced the toddlers dead at the scene, coroner Naida Rutherford said at a news conference Thursday. Authorities believe the toddlers, identified as Bryson and Brayden McDaniel, had been in the vehicle for more than nine hours. Rutherford said they were found in rear-facing car seats in a family member’s vehicle that was driven by one of the parents. She declined to say which one, telling reporters the mother and father were both “very distraught.” According to the coroner, the car was not at the day care center all day and arrived at about 5:30 p.m. The toddlers were enrolled as students in the facility, she said. Day care staff were not involved in the deaths, Rutherford said.

Source: 20-month-old twin boys found dead in car outside South Carolina day care, officials say

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Paige McGee wrote
I just don’t understand this phenomenon. I have 4 sons and now 4 granddaughters. They always sang, cried, fussed… something while in the car. And I was always looking in my rear view mirror at them while driving. I think about all of them all day long, even today. Something reminds me of them even during busy work hours. Or my husband and I would text or email about the kids while at work. I just do not get it at all and have been saying since this first became a thing years ago, these parents need to be held accountable or it would continue. And now it’s happening every Summer.
Tina Marie wrote
This is just like parents with their huge dogs that attack and do not protect their kids that are killed. People do not need to have kids. The dad clearly did this on.purpose. He needs to go straight to jail.Marsha Walters Tina Marie wrote
Don’t be so quick to judge the parents. It could happen to you. I know a family that this happened to and it weighs heavy on them daily. This isn’t something that’s planned, it’s an accident. Pray for this family, not just today and not just them, pray for all the families this has touched. Their lives have been changed forever.Tiffany Arlanda Tina Marie wrote
God bless the parents of these babies. Be their strength, a comforter, mind regulator, just have mercy upon the parents and all whose broken hearted in the loss of these precious babies .

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Estrella Vazquez Gomez Tina Marie wrote
I am trying to understand the situation.. if it’s their first babies, having twins, taking care of them, sleep depravation, having to go to work, stress. All of these elements combine can affect a person. We are only human and they will live with the death of their children forever.It is so tragic and sad.

Gary Sharp Tina Marie wrote
This is happening way to often and the parents always get away with it.

Edward Dion Tina Marie wrote
They were left in the family vehicle according to the news conference by the coroner. Mom or dad put the twins in the car at 7:30am. Drove to work. After work went to the daycare to pick the kids up and discovered they never were dropped off. Mom or dad found them dead in the car.

Jamie Dollar  wrote
a loving parent doesn’t leave their kid (S) in the car for HOURS & never remembers. i call BS.

Pamela Kendrick  wrote
So he/she still didn’t notice the kids were in the back seat after driving back to the daycare? This doesn’t make sense

Breonna Edmond  wrote
So sad and tragic somebody need to be held accountable and justice for them innocent babies need to be served.

Linnie Moore  wrote
Make it make sense how did they find the babies dead in the car at the daycare did he just drive there get out the car and get in the car with someone this not making sense

Lisa Cavanaugh wrote
So thankful that my daycare calls a parent to check on my child if he is not dropped of by his usual time!

Christy Waller Boone Tina Marie wrote
I don’t understand how he had both sets of twins , dropped older set of twins off at school and forgot about 2 nd set. The first school drop should have been a reminder.

Eliana Anderson
I have a 14 month old daughter, and 2 kids prior to her. They definitely made their presence known. All 3 of my kids absolutely hated their car seats and couldn’t wait to stop and get out. I don’t understand how 20 month old twins got left in a hot car. And they’re your babies in the backseat. How do you forget they’re in the car???.
O’c Mary
Can someone just clarify because I feel like I’m missing a piece here…
So, 1 of the parents drove them to the daycare…where they were scheduled to be. (As far as I can tell). And then…? The parent drove to a second location? As in…they didn’t bring the children inside at all? So (maybe) that parent drove to work…and they were in that parent’s car all day? And then that parent returned to daycare after work to pick them up? Or…was the car at the daycare all day? I’m definitely missing something here.
Temikha Michelle
I hate these stories. I’m always torn between accident or purpose. Not 1 but 2 toddlers in the car.? Cmon mom or dad. Ain’t no way you didn’t know.Kathy Dillon Rutter
So very sad. I can not imagine the hurt for these parents. The car seats were facing toward the rear, is what I heard. That could explain why the parent didn’t see the children. Such a heartbreak!!!

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Chelsea Moore
The article never said they were at work. Only that the parents put the babies in the. around 730 to 8. Then stated babies were found inside car at the daycare around 5. So was the car at the daycare all day?

Ally KC
Irresponsible parents who do this should be forced to meet the same fate (locked in hot car to die) it’s not pretty. It’s a horrific and excruciating death. I bet after that rule were imposed it would happen a lot less.

Brenda Anderson Singleton
Was it the parents or the daycare? If its the parents, why was the car parked outside of the daycare?

NaShay Jackson
I’m confused. The parent forgot they were in the car?if so then how did they find the babies outside of the daycare? Who drove the car to the daycare & then left the car?

Cheniece Shonté Patrick
Drove *back* to the daycare to reinforce the “I thought I dropped them off/I never noticed them in the backseat” lie… “Forgetting” about TWO children is next to impossible!

Charles Hudson
Where were the parents.Why was the car left parked at the daycare?Did the parent work at the daycare or just get picked up there and left the car for the day.Makes no sense.

Kim Smith Carnley
How the hell do you forget your babies in the backseat ??? When mine was little , I was constantly looking in the rear view mirror checking on him making sure he wasn’t choking or something! I always had my eyes on him !!

Patricia Jenkins
Wow they are only human?I’m not even surprised by some of these responses.I tell you it never seems to amaze me how these murders never mind.

Mima Esparza
Not that it is they’re fault, but daycares and preschools could be more proactive, at least a text message, “your child is not at daycare today, is he ok?”. That’s what a got from Ridgecrest Preschool.
RIP Little angels.

Terry Clark
Danielle Mathis
I am not perfect and I don’t claim to be I have a 14 year old and I have a 2 year old I don’t see how there’s anyway possible I could ever forget one of them in the car and yes I work full-time and yes I’m tired my 2 yr old doesn’t even sleep all the way through the night so we all are tired we all are overworked I just for the life of me I can’t understand how this is done on accident I’m not blaming anyone I just truly do not get this and I never will.
Kelly Brown
I have 2 kids and Just do not understand how this happens to busy on the phone and do not care about your kids they did not have all this technology when my kids where young better times
Goldi Weatherspoon
You know what this is happening way to much. When I drop my child off by the time I make it to my destination I’m calling. Parents sadly you gone have to set your alarm and call constantly.
Angela Ashford
This is RIDICULOUS! HOW???? You mean you leave 2 babies in the car for 9 1/2 hours and not realize something is wrong. But, I bet you got that cellphone, purse and anything else of value but you left those that were priceless…SMH….God bless those poor little babies…..

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