Bryson and Brayden McDaniel Death – Obituary News: Twin boys dies in their family SUV.

By | September 22, 2021

Bryson and Brayden McDaniel Death – Obituary News: Twin boys dies in their family SUV.

We are sad to report that Twins Bryson and Brayden McDaniel  has passed away after left in their family SUV back on September 1, according to the following statements posted on social media on September 22. 2021.

WLTX News19  1d  · 10 AM TODAY: Sheriff Lott plans to make an announcement regarding the death of twin infant boys left in their family SUV back on September 1. Officials say 20-month-old twins Bryson and Brayden McDaniel may have been left in a car for 9 1/2 hours before EMS was called.

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Condolences – Comments and Reactions.

Tara Holzhauer Hall wroteFather God, please pour mercy and comfort over this grieving family. Help them heal from this terrible tragedy and surround them with the love and support of their family, friends, and community. Amen.Cricket Lisa Toomer wroteSo he drove the truck to the daycare with dead babies in the truck with him and not one time did it look in the back seat well how did he back up and stuff this is weird asf ion get it and why buss the windows if u got keys im just trying to understand he never check the rear view mirror never looked back in the car never switched lanes just driving looking one way the entire ride smh and car seats u can’t help but notice them in a car smh..Susan Tyger Phillips wrote
Imagine these sweet children strapped down as they suffocate from the heat , probably screaming for Mommy or Daddy , until they lost consciousness. And now the parents have to live with that image in their minds every single day. It’s unimaginable for most of us. I hope the sheriff answers some questions around this case , but in the end, it’s just tragic and sad

Oscar Chatman wrote
I’m sorry ppl, I just don’t get it. Police, you, and everyone else say the parents are not the blame. BS, someone should be charge because it is a crime to leave you children in a car unattended, Two (2) babies died at the hands of someone that suppose to loved them and no one is to blame.

Shannon Floyd Baughman wrote
My heart goes out to the parents. There is nothing, not a firing squad or jail time that will punish this man more than what he has to live with. We can all say we would or we never have done something like this. I know because I had 4 small children at one time and I couldn’t imagine ever having done anything like this… they are adults now but I lived in a different world, one that everyone didn’t have a small computer in our hands. Why not take this tragedy and learn from it and bring awareness. That man’s fatal mistake will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Everyone’s harsh criticism and hatred for him will not bring those babies back, and nothing you say to or about him will hurt his heart more than what he has to live with.
The question of why he burst out the window since he had the keys… I don’t know, but I am sure he wasn’t rational after realizing his terrible mistake.

Ante Harrison wrote
I’m not understanding how it was possible to even leave the kids in the car. I heard some bs about he wasnt use to taking them to daycare but either way you call it is bs. How you put the kids in the car and forget they in there? I was over these parents from day 1 bc it’s no way humanly possible you put 2 children in the backseat and forget they in there. It doesn’t add up at all.

Amy Branham wrote
I keep seeing where people are saying maybe daycares should call if a child doesn’t show up. I Totally DISAGREE PARENTS NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE. QUIT RUSHING, GET OFF THE PHONE ETC AND TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN. If they aren’t ready for that responsibility the answer is DON’T HAVE KIDS. May these sweet babies rest in peace.

Samantha Lane Phipps wrote
Although I seriously do not understand how you could forget your babies in the back seat, I do understand being under horrific stress from work. I made a big change last year to de-stress my life. I look back on how much joy we miss out on from leading… See More

Melanie Davis wrote
The car seats need to come up with an alarm or something. The car seats are turned around and in the back seat. We have to do something. No one should ever suffer like this. I think there should be an alarm that goes off if the child weight is detected in the car seat and the car isn’t running

Chiquita Moore wrote
I always check my backseat and my baby bout to be 12yrs old… no judgment here but this clearly make no sense to me…the job is not that important my baby come first ijs

Kevin Thomas wrote
This is tragic beyond belief. These parents, especially the father, have to live with the deaths of their young kids for the rest of their lives. The last thing they need is to be scrutinized by all the “perfect” parents on this feed. Keep your opinions to yourself and let them grieve.

Amanda Berry wrote
I have nightmares that I can’t find my son. I can’t imagine living this nightmare out in real life. This is tragic and I’m so sorry for the family of these sweet angels .

Sandy Pauley Butler wrote
I know we live in a very fast pace world and I’m not excusing the father on what happened….you have to put your priorities first and that’s your family… sad for those children.

Sherry Johoske wrote
I think with this tragedy happening that it would be a great idea if the daycares would call the parents if the child who was to be there wasn’t notified that the child wouldn’t be coming. This policy might stop another tragedy happening.

Karen Fairey wrote
Now wait a minute… he drove to the daycare the babies attended…. got out his SUV after rolling up windows and locking the doors and left for 9+ hours and this was a tragic accident? That’s the craziest thing I have heard all day. I pray for the babies because they deserve justice!

Dolly Kane Wilson wrote
This is a horrific nightmare for all involved. I’m not sure if it is a regular practice for daycares to call parents when children have not been dropped off at their normal time but maybe it should be. Not trying to put more on the childcare facility but it might be one more layer of safety for children and avert another tragedy like this.

Renee Taylor
This is so sad. I feel for the parents. I really feel bad for the dad because the reason this happened was because his job was so stressful. Employers put employees through hell and couldn’t care less. I hope he finds employment elsewhere. Prayers for you and your family.



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