Capt. David Dorn Death – Dead : Capt. David Dorn Obituary : Retire St Louis Officer Shot Dead.

By | June 3, 2020

Capt. David Dorn Death – Dead : Capt. David Dorn Obituary : Retire St Louis Officer Shot Dead.

Capt. David Dorn has died, according to a statement posted online on June. 2, 2020.

We learned of the deceased through the following tribute posted on social media.,

Genny Aversano wrote 
David Dorn, a retired police captain, was fatally shot by looters in St. Louis on Tuesday and apparently aired on Facebook Live. WTF! He spent half his life on the Missouri force and was shot dead on the sidewalk in front of a pawnshop by looters. So sad.

Born2B_Free wrote 
Retired St Louis police captain, 77, is shot dead ‘protecting his friend’s pawn shop from looters in killing that was live streamed on Facebook’
David Dorn was found dead in front of Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry Tuesday morning
His death and the theft at the shop was reportedly posted on.

Garrytrucker wrote 
St Louis police captain david dorn killed by looters wheres the outrage posted live on facebook. These people are getting bold call the military in. Theres shots being fired everywhere.

Mike Germano wrote 
A great American and retired police captain David Dorn was shot by rioters yesterday after he tried to protect his friend’s store that was being looted. They shot him and broadcasted on FB live while he begged for help.

joseph race wrote 
“”protesters” murdered a
black man on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St Louis.

June 2 ,77-year-old retired St. Louis police officer who served 38 years on the force was shot and killed by looters at the pawn shop David Dorn was found dead on the sidewalk.

HeartlanderUSAFlag of United States wrote 
Retired Police Captain David Dorn was murdered by looters in St. Louis last noc

Las Vegas police officer on life support after being shot in the head at the “protest” last noc

Ohio Police searched vehicle 2day. Found bats, rocks, meat cleavers, axes, clubs & other projectiles.

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