Carla Prucnal Death -Obituary – Dead : Carla Prucnal died yesterday due to complications of Covid has Died .

By | September 13, 2021

Carla Prucnal Death -Obituary – Dead : Carla Prucnal died yesterday due to complications of Covid has Died .

Carla Prucnal has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 13. 2020.

Amy Jeschonek wrote

Long post warning!!! Many of you may not know that Carla Prucnal died yesterday due to complications of Covid. It is a sad day for Johnstown and the Johnstown Concert Ballet. Her loss will be felt by many even if your child was never a student. I thought I would share my post I made on the JCB members page.
As I sit here reading all about everyones experiences with Carla and tributes to her memories, I share in all the feelings of what she gave our children and what she meant to them. Ashley and Zoe both learned more than just ballet but learned about life, Ashley felt like it was a place she escaped when she was having a bad day and she forgot about whatever was bothering her once the music started and she was in class dancing, it gave her confidence and experiences that will never be forgotten. Zoe loved every second of dance with her sister, classmates and Carla. She spent countless hours watching her sister from the wings and audience since she was born and they are both who they are today partially because of Miss Carla. I have seen the dedication , love, long hours, blood, sweat and tears given by all involved from every little girl and boy, to parents, friends of the ballet and especially those involved in the productions long after their children danced with the ballet like Winnie, Charlie, Maryann, Karen, J.D, Harry and especially Monica and her entire family to name a just few that things just won’t be the same without Carla.
BUT the one thing I can’t help think even more about is all those that Carla Prucnal touched that she personally had nothing to do with, no connection with the JCB. All of the mothers, fathers, grandparents, great-grandparents and little girls and boys that simply went to the performances to see the Annual productions in the spring and maybe even most importantly to The Nutcracker. It was a Christmas tradition they did, not because they knew someone but because it was their families Tradition. Some went because they have done this for many years with their mom, some who’s parent may have passed and now they wanted to take their children to see a beautiful performance in memory of their parent and the feelings it gave them as a child, they wanted to pass the tradition to them too. They may have even seen old friends there too, found things in common with them and their appreciation of the ballet and the arts, first dates and for others and for Most the Christmas season didn’t start until they seen the show. Past students came as adults to perhaps get a little of their childhood back for those 2 hours doing the dances in their heads fondly remembering their performance. It was all of those peoples Tradition! They would leave there feeling good, having an appreciation that maybe they didn’t before. Many signed their children up at the JCB after seeing a production.
I had the pleasure and honor of being on the stage with my beautiful daughters and husband, back stage and in the audience. Even our son help backstage the last year we were involved. For us it was a family affair. I got a perspective of seeing the audience from a different views. I seen the faces of the people there, the smiles, the awe of talent on the stage, the twinkle in the eyes of the young and old alike. Now those people, even though they may have never know Carla a day in their life left knowing a little of the women they watched lay her days and long nights pouring herself in to every inch of the productions from the choreography of every child and adult, to the costumes, sets and artwork it was all Carla! They left their feeling good, they left there with a different feeling than they walked in with. A special feeling that stirs inside you when you have seen something absolutely Beautiful. Humming along when you hear a song from the production and imagining the dance in your head. Something to look forward to every year. Carla was more than just a ballet teacher, she was a mentor, she was an inspiration, she was a friend, she was a sister, she was a second mother, she was talented and eccentric, she gave of herself not only for her students but for her community. She wanted to teach, entertain, inspire. She wanted to bring a professional production for her small town and give a gift to those students and all that got to see her productions small and large. Carla was and will always remain a legend in this town. For many she is a Tradition that will remain in all of their hearts forever.

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