Catie Lazarus Death -Obituary – Dead : Catie Lazarus has Died .

By | September 13, 2021

Catie Lazarus Death -Obituary – Dead : Catie Lazarus has Died .

Catie Lazarus has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on December 14. 2020.

Kevin Allison 2 hrs  · Man oh man. I’m heartbroken to hear we’ve lost Catie Lazarus. Catie was one of the first guests on RISK! and was the most charming, kind, honest, smart, and generous of souls. A brilliant, producer/performer/interviewer and always illuminating to talk to. I’ve always really appreciated the rare folks in show business who, when you ask, “Wait… how do you do it?” will sincerely have a heart to heart with you about managing these crazy careers we carve out. Catie was one of those people. I believe she was working on a book. I hope we do get to see some or all of it! Catie will sure be missed by the whole community. She was loved and admired by so many of us. Always a delight. May she rest in peace. (Sorry no photo credit! Couldn’t find one.)

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Sandi Marx wrote
She was a sparkly, funny and brilliant woman. I loved those nights at Joes Pub watching her in action with all her “ employees “

David Ellis Dickerson wrote
WHAT??? What happened? She was amazing, a brilliant performer and interviewer, and she was also the host of my first ever Seder.

Selena Coppock wrote
This news is so sad. She was so talented and curious and kind. I’m so sorry, Kevin.

Gail Thomas wrote
Oh man. This is awful. We had some lovely conversations about cancer and life…. Dear, lovely, funny, brilliant, brave Catie. Argh!!!!!!

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Trevor Williams wrote

I am heartbroken to report the loss of my friend Catie Lazarus. Publicly, Catie was the Dorothy Parker of our community, but privately she was even more thoughtful, sensitive and hilarious than most people knew. She was as fearless and irreverent interviewing her heroes (Gloria Steinem, Jon Stewart, David Simon to name a few) as she in the face of a terminal illness. She was incredibly loving and loyal to those closest to her and never let you leave the room without telling you that she loved you. She never gave up on any of her dreams, though I worry she rarely realized how many of them had come true without her noticing. She loved sushi and was the only person I know who wrote with more typos than I did. I will miss her typos, her alarming laugh, her immeasurable maternal love for her dog and the way she could bring a room full of strangers together and turn it into a show. She was one of a kind and she will not be replaced.

Jay Welch wrote
Just awful to hear. I have very fond memories of her Employee of the Month show. I’m so sorry, Trevor.

Matt Fried wrote
Catie was an incredible ball of light and humor. I loved seeing her around the scene. I’m so sorry, Trevor – she was the best.

Alba Ponce De Leon wrote
I’m in complete shock reading this news. I only knew Catie very peripherally, but she absolutely touched so many lives with her humor and sunshine. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, Trevor.

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Vanessa Londono wrote
Thank you for bringing Catie (and Lady) to game night that one night and into my life. She really was full of love.

Selena Coppock wrote
So beautifully put, Trevor. I am so, so sorry. What a loss.

Kambri Crews wrote
I’m heartbroken. My sweet friend with so much drive and chutzpah. Pouring over so many old pics and every single one reminds me of huge amounts of laughter and love and generosity of spirit.

Alison Fine wrote
Beautiful tribute. So sorry for your loss. Much love and strength your way

John Ryan wrote
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. Sorrow transcended by Joy. You made me feel like I knew her.

Chrimsh Ullivan wrote
I was the Shaffer to Catie’s Letterman and everything she brought to the stage and the world was joy, laughs, and selflessness. May she inspire others.

Brendan Colthurst wrote
Trevor, oh man, so well written thank you. Oh what a beauty Catie was. Condolences to her large group of friends and family.

Luke Thayer wrote
Very sad news indeed. My condolences to her family friends and the entire comedy community.

Kathleen DiGennaro Warner wrote
Devastating news. Catie was such a kind, funny, irreverent and bright light in the world. Sending love and peace to those – and they are many – who loved and were touched by her light.

April Brucker wrote
I only knew her in passing but this is a loss felt by the entire community. Sending you a big hug, Trevor .

Livia Scott
This is a beautiful tribute, Trevor. She would have loved it. Thank you.

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