CDC 6 Covid Only Deaths : This Week The CDC Quietly Updated Its COVID-19 Data.

By | August 30, 2020

CDC 6 Covid Only Deaths : This Week The CDC Quietly Updated Its COVID-19 Data.

This week the CDC quietly updated its COVID-19 data to reflect the number of deaths from COVID-19 only.

Of the deaths previously recorded, only 6% had COVID-19 as the sole cause of death. The remaining 94% of deaths were the result of 2-3 additional serious illnesses and were of advanced age.

The change in reporting reflects the difference between dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19.
President Trump and this administration continues its work to bring a safe vaccine to market with unprecedented speed to protect our most vulnerable.


Comments and Reactions

Troy Nelson wrote 
Thank you for all that you do, Interesting statistics . Bring on the vaccine , it is the only reasonable resolution to the pandemic.

Phil Green wrote 
Good news! Covid-19 by itself is not nearly as deadly as we were led to believe! Stop living in fear and start living your life again. Protect the vulnerable, to be sure, but don’t lock down the rest of us. Let’s worship together, work together, play together, and enjoy life together again!

Linda Allen wrote 
A vaccine for what ? This has been a farce all along. Time to put a stop to this pandemic and let the sheeple come out from behind their masks.

Daasie Ramcharan wrote 
So now we can’t trust the numbers from the CDC. We are not going to know how bad it gets.

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Travis Kummer wrote 
You should be ashamed being a MD. And saying that. You know comorbidities go hand in hand. ASHAMED!!!

Bill Holcomb wrote 
No vaccine please, just return us back to normal life, and restore our freedoms in full.

Richard Osborn wrote 
My son, his fiancé, their special needs daughter and son are getting evicted on the 1st and will be homeless!! The CDC IS responsible for this and many others!! WE NEED JUSTICE NOW!!!!! Not tomorrow.

Amanda Gilzinger Yorkey wrote 
If that person would still be alive on the day they died if it had not been for covid, they died of covid. And I didnt even need a medical degree to figure that out

Helen Stoll wrote 
Dead is dead, man. If you have a comorbidity factor Covid still caused your death. But A for effort, I guess.

Amy Wike wrote 
No but if u are hurt in a car wreck and end up dying as a result of you injuries and u were tested for covid but the results haven’t come back yet, the cod will still be covid.

Ryan Murphy wrote 
I don’t care about the “vaccine” since I’m not taking it anyway. How bout opening up all these businesses and restaurants.

Carol Steinel wrote 
What about the people (many of them young) who have had multiple strokes and permanent lung damage _because_ of Covid 19? When they die of that lung damage in five or ten years, or twenty or thirty, will you attribute that death to Covid? Because if they hadn’t had Covid, they wouldn’t have had the lung damage, or the stroke disability that led to amputation, disability, or worse that shortened their life.

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This is irresponsible information you’re waving around “Doctor” — you are intentionally attempting to make it seem that Covid 19 is not as dangerous as it clearly is.
But even if you were right — the CDC says 74,000+ deaths from Pneumonia with Covid 19 (and excluding the flu) — isn’t that enough for you? First, DO NO HARM.

Constance Sue Krestian wrote 
Covid and pneumonia go hand in hand.
If you have the flu its bad enough if you get covid with the flu its worse.
Thats why all the above is counted in flu deaths and pneumonia.

Constance Sue Krestian wrote 
They didnt quietly update anything. They updated period.
This proves you get your facts from social media. The Quietly Updated proves it.

Janet Huschka Hanson wrote 
President Trump has been a lost ball in tall grass in managing this Pandemic. He should try listening to expertise. And your comment sounds an awful lot like, “We are so fortunate to be losing mostly old people with co-morbidities…

Mark N Theresa Gram wrote 
Jesus, Marshall, it’s not as if COVID-19 didn’t cut those lives short. We’ve been waiting for Trump and his boot lickers to push this narrative. And here it is right on time as expected.

GP Pete wrote 
Russian ventilators defective- taxpayers swindled by Russia friendly republican administration.
Jared Kushner made a deal with Russia for ventilators but every single one was faulty

K.d. Keenan wrote 
So if I get COVID-19 and it weakens my immune system and floods my lungs with crap so that I can’t fight off pneumonia–that’s not death from COVID? This is playing games with science and good data. The inevitable result of doing that is feeding bad data into the system–which results in bad decisions. You should be ashamed of yourself for touting this as something smart, when it is the stupidest thing possible.

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Carrie Ann Roberts wrote 
I hope you have different feelings about cannabis than the stance the RNC took. Americans across the board support cannabis. Bollier has been clear on her position, I hope to hear back from you.

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