Chadwick Aaron Boseman Death : Wakanda Forever – Black Panther Actor Dies at 42

By | September 27, 2020

Chadwick Aaron Boseman Death : Wakanda Forever – Black Panther Actor Dies at 42

Chadwick Boseman, known for his role as King T’Challa in Marvel’s “Black Panther,” has died at the age of 42 after a four-year battle with cancer, according to a post on his Twitter account.


Who is Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Aaron Boseman was an American actor and producer.[6] He played several historical figures, such as Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013), James Brown in Get on Up (2014), and Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017). His role as the superhero Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including in Black Panther (2018), made him an international star, winning him a NAACP Image Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Cause of Death.

Before his death, Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2016, and it progressed to stage four, the post said. He was 43 years old. The associated press reported..


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

Martha Chavez wrote 
He is my sons favorite super hero, it’s going to break his heart. May he Rest In Peace and May God help his family through this hard time.

Julie Neller wrote 
So incredibly sad. What perseverance to be battling cancer for so many years, all while delivering incredible performances. Condolences to his family and those who loved him.

Ray Hopkins wrote 
Had no idea he had cancer, apparently he didn’t disclose it, so I’m completely shocked to have seen this! God bless his family and close friends! .

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Shawn Elliott wrote 
Great actor, did justice to a man like Jackie Robinson. As a comic book fan since I was a kid I can say that he put so much heart into the role of Black Panther and brought a hero to life. RIP

Max Donner wrote 
Seemed to be a great actor… loved his movies. Will be greatly missed and prayers to his family and friends that the Lord will comfort them in their time of mourning.

Sherry Pierron Champagne wrote 
So sorry to hear this! Was looking forward to seeing him in many more films to come. Prayers for his family and those who loved him. God bless.

Cheryl Fulton wrote 
My sister, died of colon cancer, was diagnosed after a car accident, when they took blood work and x-rays..she passed a few years later. My life, has never been the same. Sincerest, condolences, to his loved ones. There are no words, to comfort you, may he rest comfortably in your hearts, till you join him, in your final reward .

Joe Capobianco wrote 
So sad, a tremendous talent taken way too soon. Colonoscopy’s are not a big deal and can potentially save lives with early detection. most sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Darann Plaza wrote 
He portrayed such strong characters and yet he possessed his own inner strength to accomplish want he did ..what an amazing young man.

Joey Evans wrote 
I enjoyed his work. I was so looking forward to see him reaprise his role as Black Panther. Didn’t know he was sick. Very sad. May he rest in Peace.

Derek Warner wrote 
Terribly sad news for a man with what should have been his whole life in front of him. Terrific actor and hopefully as terrific of a person. Prayers to his family.

Karen Ann wrote 
My mother also passed from colon cancer. I’m not sure what type he had but I hope it motivates people to schedule a colonoscopy. Prayers for his loved ones.

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Linda Dunn Chilson wrote 
This is so sad!
I want to put my own message on here, please everyone realize that colon cancer is no longer old person’s cancer it has taken way too many younger people over the last decade or so. One of the main reason is that by the time younger person is diagnosed they are in the advanced stages. This is not my personal opinion but our son’s oncologist said this at the time our son was diagnosed so this is personal to me as we lost him 9 years ago and he was only 32.

Koda Motoya wrote 
Shocked. Horrible news, we enjoyed his films; 42 fav along with Black Panther.
My condolences to his family, friends and his community.

Elaine Schlobohm wrote 
My mum had it twice. Thought she beat it for 10 years then it got her again. She lived with an iliostomy bag for 25 years. She was my hero and my best friend.

Shawn Wilson wrote 
Chadwick filmed Black Panther, Infinity War, End Game, 21 Bridges and other work all while in stage 4 of colon cancer. I can’t even imagine, yet so many people didn’t know and couldn’t tell. What a champion.

Farrell Duplain wrote 
It’s sad. I was 40 when I found out I had colon cancer. But I was one of the lucky ones. Everyone after the age of 35 should start getting colonoscopies because younger and younger people are getting it. And usually if you wait til you find out you have a problem its too late.

Cassandra Edwards Sundberg wrote 
I wonder how many of you commenting are democrats and Republicans… Yet here we all are, coming together to wish our condolences to a fellow American and his family… 🇺🇲 So sorry for his family and praying for healing during this time of mourning . Oh lord please be with your children, please lord bring love, compassion and empathy into our hearts….

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Nick Handy wrote 
This sucks great actor I’m probably the best superhero interpretation in a movie now I can only see him this black panther . Real life super villain that not even Comic Book Heroes can beat I hope we find a cure for all different kinds of cancers soon.

Genevieve B Cottrill wrote 
That means while he was making Avengers Endgame,Infinity War and Black Panther he had Cancer. Wow! He truly is a(n) Comic Book Hero. Guess this means no more Black Panther movies. Sad. May God be with his family,Friends and fans today and always.

Bryon Luze wrote 
Fox news is becoming very baised.. Vietnam anniversary today and they won’t talk about that. I have seen 6 different posts about a after that I didn’t even know and not one story about a any important US history.

Rios Fernando wrote 
Hey Josh Sample why did you delete your comment ? Realized how pathetic it was to be jealous of man who recently passed from colon cancer?

Tommy Payton wrote 
Very sad, and I don’t mean to be political here cause it’s really not the place. However, skimming through here looking at the comments and clicking on people and noticed just how diverse the ethnicity of the people saying how sorry they are to here about this black man.

Makes me think that maybe there isn’t such a race problem, but a media corruption problem. Open your eyes people and see that it’s not black and white hate, it’s propaganda making us hate.


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