Cheating : Justin Timberlake And Alisha Wainwright Seen Holding Hands.

By | November 24, 2019

ENTERTAINMENT  (MARKET NEWS) : Vocalist and entertainer Justin Timberlake was spotted holding hands and allegedly getting comfortable with his co-star, Alisha Wainwright at a bar in a photographs distributed by News tabloid The Sun.

Seating close by the 30-year-old celebrity on the overhang of dearest Big Easy site, The Absinthe House, Timberlake can be see holding her hands under a table, with another snapshot caught of Wainwright’s hand on his leg.


Cheating : Justin Timberlake And Alisha Wainwright Seen Holding Hands.

With those photographs found at The Sun, the “Attractive artist “, who has been married to Jessica Biel for a long time, was additionally spotted not wearing his wedding ring — however many can accept that is for the motion picture’s job. The Sun proceeds to report that he and Wainwright were “visiting and drinking” in the bar at around 12 PM, with the pair grinning and snickering together.

Justin Randall Timberlake, occasionally known by his initials, JT, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. Raised in Tennessee, he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

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I so hope this isn’t true. I’ve seen it from 3 different sources so far. However, I don’t think Justin is stupid enough A.) because he loves his wife and B.) there’s a clause in their prenup saying if he ever cheated on Jessica she would then receive everything in the divorce…his ENTIRE fortune.


Tanya Bellon Tamburriello look hes cheating on you and jessica biel. I guess he doesnt think 2 wives are enough

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